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video business

  1. Consolation

    Why should a newly-established online local TV company outsourced me to produce live sports production?

    TV Sabah is an official platform in Sabah, providing useful information to the community on Sabah's local arts and entertainment, sports and fitness, entrepreneurship, and many other interesting content. Why should they (and what are the benefits it) of outsourcing a live production company to...
  2. Aristoss

    From Freelance to Fastlane - 1-5 steps a day, looking for accountability

    Following @fastlane_dad's advise on @NeoDialectic insightful thread, I'll write here everyday the 5 new steps I'm taking from Freelance to Fastlane. I'm originally a classical music composer, conductor and pianist, but I recently started a videography freelance business. I'm barely making ends...
  3. Tim Fischer

    Scalable Fastlane System to develop as a Videographer?

    Hi, im about to finish school this year and i want to start as a freelance filmmaker immediately afterwards. I have already collected a few payments here and there. As i can’t really imagine being able to create a fastlane system out of freelancing, i wanted to ask what would be great options to...

    Starting A Video Marketing Company .

    I have a reputation as a decent video producer/editor, which is great, but there is no room for growth or promotion at my day job. I'd like to see if I can grow a profitable online video marketing agency over the course of the next year. I'm starting out small, at square one. I currently have...
  5. Costafarian

    Mail-In VHS "Box-O-Tapes" Business Idea

    Hey all, it's been a while. Today I spent the day miserable at work. And usually this is a good thing as I am best at coming up with ideas when I feel desperate or angry. I came up with an idea that is within my expertise and I already have the sufficient equipment to do this. And digitizing...