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united kingdom

  1. The One

    Telling Mom I didn't Want To Go Uni - second time.

    Hey, I realised the one thing I really needed to do was quit school - it took up many hours of my day. it didn't provide any value to me at all. Though this was a decision that was from 9 months ago. I was shit scared. I tried doing it few months before but it flopped hard - my parents...
  2. F

    Networking Meetups in the UK

    Hi Everyone, I have just joined this forum and I live in Bristol, UK. Would anyone of you know about any networking events or any meet-ups near by?
  3. amzu

    A UK based starter into fast lane

    I started reading the faslane millionaire as a recommendation from a dude in YouTube video who revealed how the con artist millionaire makers do their work. He had all praise for the book. I am in chapter 14 now. I come from a sidewalk family in suburban India. A family that is portrait as one...
  4. TryHardTriad

    How to Execute on the World's Greatest Cookie

    Hi Fastlane Community, I have been a long time wantrepreneur and fastlane wannabe until August this year when I decided to finally start something rather than just talking about it. I noted the difference in gourmet cookies between the USA and here in the UK and came up with a significantly...
  5. Patelli

    Unscripted life > Subsistence farming or going off the grid

    Hey! Just going to jump straight in there sooooo... I've pretty much wanted out of a life that is dictated to me by societal norms since I was around 19 (being an Indian girl tends to push you one of two ways) and have considered several options including: 1. Going totally off the grid and...