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summit 2020

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  1. Haelios

    EXECUTION More Than A Lurker, A Future Entrepeneur

    Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of no wealth with taste. I’m currently waiting for my flight coming out of the Summit a changed man. I’m only 18 years old but I feel that the past few days will have drastic changes for the better. Lets go back to the beginning before I really...
  2. Fox

    MEETUPS The 2020 Fastlane Summit "Social" Thread

    I saw the main summit thread had a lot of hiking/social questions so I figured to start a specific thread. Myself, @JordanK, @GoodluckChuck and @Creed are all in town for a full week (Creed for more time) starting on the 4th. If anyone can recommend any good things to see or do please let us...

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