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software engineering

  1. F

    Does anyone have any software business ideas?

    Hello fellow Fastlane entrepreneurs, before I begin the post, I wanted to provide some context: I am a software engineer, but I don't have any ideas about what I could build that people would want. I am picky (but not super-picky) with the ideas I want to build, because it takes time to build...
  2. J

    Software Developer “REAL” Mock Interviews

    Hey everybody, I was hoping to get some feedback on this idea. Good or bad let me hear it! Audience: Software Developers trying to get a job/struggling with interviews Main Idea: A service that provides mock interviews/technical interviews on zoom (lockdown browser for technical interview...
  3. C

    Military Brat Stumbling Through Academics

    I've been a lurker on this forum since I got my hands on the copy of Millionaire Fastlane. I've been particularly inspired by @Sean Marshall post on starting a digital agency and @Champion Pomodoro's posts which helped me along my own entrepreneurial journey. A little bit about myself: I come...
  4. average

    Transforming my life form a software engineer to an Entrepreneur

    To be completely honest, before reading the book "The millionaire fast lane" my life goal was to just find a high paying job. That was how I pictured success, or rather that's how my family did. So you could imagine how shocked I was to know that I was living a lie. Reading the book changed my...
  5. LloydVII

    Been here since 2017, going from trucking to school

    Never made a intro post, but here it is.. I'm a 22 yo who drives trucks but now I'm going back to school for CS. I'll be active on forms daily and my ultimate goal is to gain high skills in tech and accelerate my path to FATFIRING (even though I live in a low col city). I recently had a...
  6. S

    Introverted Software Engineer with a bumpy course of life says hello

    Hello everyone, finally, I joined the forum and want to introduce myself. I am a Software Engineer from Germany, early 40s, introverted but not shy, with a well paying corporate job. Most of my peers would say I have a dream job. Problem: I am not happy with it. Here are some other...