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social media marketing agency

  1. ali.lari2x

    Do I *really* need to cold call? (Growing a lead gen agency)

    So I've been doing cold outreach and lead propsceting for my lead gen agency consistenly for 11 days now (before that, when I would half-a$$ my business, I would do 5 days and then give up), and I was wondering if cold calling is really necessary to land my first few clients. I'm getting good...
  2. ali.lari2x

    Should I focus on my Gym SMMA?

    Hi everyone, Backstory This is my first post on the Forum. I read TMF in early 2022 when I was 19 years old (I’m now 21) in university hopping from business idea to business idea. Ever since I was 12 or 13, I’ve had this vision or goal in mind of building a business that gives me location...
  3. D

    Is Social Media Marketing Business over saturated?

    Hello fastlaners! It has been awhile since I've been on here. I have been grinding it away and working at my slow lane job. I did however take on some side hustle gigs. Nothing so far has brought me the type of revenue that I need to be able to leave my sh*t job. I however recently came across...
  4. S

    Advice Needed For My Cold Email

    Evening fastlaners, Below is my cold email for targeting private dental clinics on purchasing digital lead generation services and possible up-sell of sales training packages. I'm very comfortable with phone and face-to-face sales after 5+ years in various sales roles, however copy is...
  5. Mircea Toma

    Kickstarting my own Instagram Marketing Agency

    Hi there! This is my progress and execution thread. I wanted to start this a while back but, from stupid reasons, I almost put it down. I said, hmm, who would read this kind of topics and who is interested in what I do. But, today, I will kickstart this thread and write about my progress and...
  6. Ziad

    Goal to 100 Social Media Marketing Clients in 2019

    Whatsup everyone. I've done several threads here on Instagram management. I've been handling that social media platform for well over 4-5 years now and, although I didn't reach 6 figures I was very very close to it. Last year, I went through training for the other social media platforms and...