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shark tank

  1. 100k

    Need something useful to Binge Watch? Give this series a try

  2. doster.zach

    Jeff Trotman's Knife Sharpening Business...

    View: Jeff Trotman in shambles! (Thread moved from "Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, And/Or Rants Thread")
  3. Rawseed

    Shark Tank Season 11

    About five years ago, I stopped watching television. Not because I didn't enjoy it. But, because I enjoyed it way too much. I figured if I was going to be an entrepreneur, I should spend my free time building a business or learning about building businesses. So, that's what I've been doing...
  4. TonyStark

    Shark Tank: Moki Doorstep

    I thought this was nifty. And they got a good deal. What do you think? View: View:
  5. ApparentHorizon

    Any fans of Kevin O'Leary? Words of Wisdom from Mr. Wonderful

    tl;dw - Be able to fire your mother - Fire non-fits (cultural, attitude, public perception) in your company. Different from non performers - Be able to explain your idea SIMPLY in 60-90 seconds - Invest in teams that solve for the leader's weaknesses - - Great entrepreneurs know their weakness...
  6. Consolation

    Build a website to generate sales for jewellery shop

    For the past 9 months I was stuck with Android Fragmentation. I tried providing value in every aspects. Still, I wasn’t going anywhere. Final attempt? Joined FLF, though I finished those 2 books. Yup. I ignored some of the Gold Threads before joining FLF. Huge mistake. Then, I found @Fox 9...
  7. Sully1994

    From 10 Dollar to 10 Grand Gigs- My 6 month freelance journey.

    My freelance writing journey over the span of 6 months: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Hired by a man on Upwork to write articles about Facebook Live Murders. Strangely, he insisted that they be comedic. Of...
  8. John Anthony

    Shark Tank Alum...Long Time Listener, First Time Caller :-P

    Hey there, everybody! So I'm just finishing up MJ's Unscripted (fantastic) and I had read Millionaire Fastlane years ago when I was just a outside sales guy aspiring to become an entrepreneur someday. Anyways, I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is John Anthony. I was somewhat forced into...

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