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  1. JuampiAAAJ

    How can I find my "Lambo"?

    Just the title... I'm a very basic guy who doesn't care about materialistic things or in financial freedom. I know that probably is stupid the part of financial freedom but I don't feel it. I'm 22 years old and I don't know why but I don't feel the burning desire for money or wealth Probably...
  2. Joker_P5R

    Fastlane opportunities in board game industry

    Hello to all, In your experience, personal opinion, are there any fastlane possibilities in the board game industry? Is it a sector that can still be considered lucrative or already exhausted? I do copywriting as a side hustle and have a huge passion for role playing and board games. I would...
  3. SDE

    One More Tale About a Crushed Hope

    This video popped in my feed today. Though it's almost a year old, I still felt like posting it here. His ''hope'' to retire was beaten to death by the SCRIPT like that of millions before him. It was painful for me to watch because of his smile. He's smiling in the video but most people will...
  4. Varun

    How to counter negativity from immediate family members(Script)?

    I'm from India, recently joined the family business. My two uncles are supportive, but my father and mother are heavily against it. We have retail and distribution both. My father's been telling me things like how the business has no future, it will split later, bigger players are coming...
  5. AlexLegault

    Cold calling, where's the middle ground?

    I've recently been trying many different cold calling scripts and after calling a bunch of people and doing many tests, I've found a recurring problem. When I call with a very short, generic, non-personalized script (with the intent of getting an appointment) I go through a lot of "no's" but I...
  6. windchaser

    The importance of being true to yourself (and the power of choice)

    I would like to share with you my journey to the biggest lesson I have learnt during one of the darkest but most transformative phases of my life. It is what has finally enabled me to commit to the fastlane for good: no more excuses, no more fear. A little bit of context: My parents are quite...
  7. G

    The PTO Scam

    Time to vent. Here goes. As a member of a minority religion, I often feel the effects of the SCRIPT acutely when my community's religious holidays come around. Although I have what most would call a very good job, and I do enjoy many aspects of it, the trading time for money and liberty can get...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    Holy Sheet! A SCRIPTED Twilight Zone? (Black Mirror)

    From Black Mirror, Episode 2... Got caught watching this the other night and I found it to have many poignant SCRIPTED messages... about freedom, about being a drone, about our dependency on a system and the screens that run the system. Is this a fair representation of the SCRIPT in the...
  9. cutthroughstatic

    SCRIPTED encounters: see the world through a new lens

    Background: I own and operate a small dealership. I was finishing up a deal, and collected the customer's insurance info (he's 19 or 20). $300/mo insurance for a vehicle with a payment of $370/mo. "Have you shopped this around?!" I was shocked. The mom chimes in: "It's part of being an adult...
  10. Yoda

    The [SCRIPTED] Vault (Dogmatic Social Engineering)

    In light of @MJ DeMarco 's new book, I figured it might be somewhat enlightening to see the SCRIPTED OS in action. Hopefully those of you who read the book don't take it at face value, but apply it to your surroundings. Get to know the world around you. Understand it. Beat the system through...

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