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  1. Cryder

    A bigger picture…

    Have you ever looked up to the night sky and thought “hmm, Is there a bigger picture out there?” There is….. Hi I’m a 20 year old entrepreneur hailing from New Jersey, like many of you I am very ambitious and I seek to not only gain an abundance of wealth but to propel our species forward while...
  2. Two Dog

    Requesting some engineering brainpower. Solve this for me!

    Y'all are a bunch of smart, creative super nerds. @SteveO Someone can figure this out without designing me a Rube Goldberg thingy. Now that we're living in rural Virginia, these are the kinds of projects I can't help doing. My girls and I just finished building an air cannon earlier this...
  3. lowtek

    First image of a black hole

    We've managed to directly image the event horizon around a black hole, using a planetary network (with one part here in Arizona) of radio dishes. While you may have heard the term in pop culture, let's make sure our definitions are straight. The event horizon is the boundary between two...
  4. BerlinerBaer

    An idea to exploit my domain experience

    I just finished the chapter in Unscripted, that talks about the advantages of domain experience. (btw, listening to this book while driving just gives you so many ideas, I'll probably do nothing else for a while whenever I drive). I started thinking about my domain experience and I had several...
  5. 4symmetry

    Scientist - How do I get out of the slowlane while still doing what I love?

    Hi all, so I read TMF and almost finished Unscripted (Audiobook), but I need a bit of advice on how to get started. First of all, a short intro: I'm a 28-year old trained PhD-level scientist in biomedical research, currently on a Postdoc contract, in Germany. While I love what I do and hope...