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sales calls

  1. BruceWayne

    Doing a sales call for side hustle while working day

    I've got a desk job for my 9-5 right now. I'm starting a side hustle, and I want/need to do some sales calls or discovery calls via phone and/or skype to sign up some clients of my own (completely unrelated to my day job) Has anyone done this? Thoughts on how to make this less disruptive or...
  2. MakeItHappen

    EXECUTION Many of the TOP 100 forbes billionaires had the same first job... have a guess

    The first job of most billionaires was... drum-roll... SALES! Not a big surprise to many I guess. Many very successful people recommend to learn sales as soon as possible, including many on this forum. I have to admit that I didn't spend any time honing my sales skills... mostly to stay...
  3. Andy Black

    AndyTalks to a "prospect" about AdWords

    AndyTalks to a "prospect" about AdWords I've been meaning to record a "sales call" for want of a better term. This is how I chat with people who've reached out to me. I give them the best hour of my knowledge that I can. If they want to hire me, great. If they don't, great also. We even...
  4. A

    LANDFILL 5 Most Common Sales Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

    Today we take a look at the 5 most common sales mistakes (and how to avoid them)! In building my former company to over $10 million in sales, my position as CEO enabled me to gain a unique perspective on what separated the most successful salespeople in our organization from the rest. I...
  5. U

    Who Needs a Sales Team?

    Hi Everyone, I am in Bali, Indonesia and I stumbled upon something yesterday. I met a women who does cold-calling sales here in the country. Specifically, she calls over 200 people a day and sells event space to them for the hospitality industry. In this work, she speaks only english, deals...
  6. AndreiR

    Bootstrapping my web development business by calling

    Day 1: Hey everyone, saw a few threads on forums of people posting their daily numbers- for example one guy set a goal to call 1000 people and documented it all (simply to get over the fear of calling, he didn't have anything to sell). Myself, I started a web development business and sales is...
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