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sales agent

  1. J

    Hi, I am a new subscriber.

    Just wanted to introduce myself: I am a door to door sales manager for fiber optic internet services. I hope to meet like minded individuals here to grow, learn, and possibly help others. I'm excited to meet new people and be an integral part of this forum. I look forward to meeting you. Thank...
  2. T

    How to obtain more appointments by phone

    Hi everyone! In this thread, I'd like to ask all experienced entrepreneurs/salespeople here for specific advice. You'll be surprised to see me ask for THIS type of advice, given my past statements on this forum, but I'm convinced I need that advice. Here's the subject: How to obtain more...
  3. MakeItHappen

    Many of the TOP 100 forbes billionaires had the same first job... have a guess

    The first job of most billionaires was... drum-roll... SALES! Not a big surprise to many I guess. Many very successful people recommend to learn sales as soon as possible, including many on this forum. I have to admit that I didn't spend any time honing my sales skills... mostly to stay...
  4. R

    Hiring sales reps. Advice?

    Hey All, I've reached a point where I can no longer cover all of the bases on my own. Too many leads and not enough time. I've decided to bring on a few sales reps to help out. The question: Where do I find them? As of now, I'm planning on posting a job description on Indeed. I'll be looking...
  5. A

    4 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople

    #1). Prospect Daily. To avoid having income “ups and downs”, have a consistent flow of new prospects. “One of the biggest mistakes that we make is that we convince ourselves that we don’t have to prospect on a regular basis.” — Stephan Schiffman This is only achieved by making prospecting a...
  6. saymonx

    From Poland, helping others and worried about my own life

    Hi Everyone, My name is Szymon (it's easier to call me Simon) and I live in Poland. I will be 21 next month. My life is kinda weird, since I've been stuck with bad attitudes for quite a while. It got twisted a year ago, and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. I'll try to say...
  7. Ankerstein17

    Door to Door Sales Journey

    Hey guys, Like many people, alot get started in door to door sales. For confidentiality purposes I will not state who the company is or any details I know the Fastlane community it littered with hundreds if not thousands of great sales people. I will keep this really simple. For you people...
  8. Scot

    Would you hire Upwork salesmen?

    Between Lex's thread about restarting his Upwork profile and Fox using part time rep's to deliver warm leads for his design business, this got me thinking. If your business was based on the sales of a product or business, would you outsource sales if you got to the point where you could no...
  9. Stealth Mode

    Building a web dev agency

    Hey guys. A partner and I have been building a web development and service agency. So far, we've had a few contracts and we are looking to grow it into a full scale operation. We're focused on the sales side first since that is the weakness. We believe we can build a commission-based sales team...