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  1. RedCloud

    Making sacrifice: how the hell do I do that?

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. A time pickle. I am in my second year at university, 12 hours of lectures per week, plenty more take home work, spending time with friends, commuting, going to the gym, and more. HOW DO I FIT IT ALL IN WHILE DEVELOPING A BUSINESS?! As I understand it, if you want...
  2. E

    What Does "Sacrifice" Mean to You?

    Hey everyone, Something I see a lot on many forums and books on entrepreneurship is the use of the word "sacrifice." So my question is -- what does "sacrifice" mean to you? Does it mean saying no to spending time with loved ones and devoting that time to your business? Cause my current belief...
  3. Authentic

    Authentic Here. Hello.

    Hello. I am Authentic. I chose my username as it was a theme in Unscripted Chapter 27, when MJ was writing about Kevin O'Leary and a true guru has authenticity. Pleased to meet you all. I hope to add value to this forum and in my businesses. I have read the Millionaire Fastlane. I am in the...
  4. B

    What is the biggest sacrifice you have ever made for your business?

    As some of you may know, I quit everything to focus on my lifes dream to create a successful software development company. It has been 4 months in, and I'm very happy to say I'm finally planning to release the beta this week. Obviously this has come with a great sacrifice. I wanted to share...

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