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What is the biggest sacrifice you have ever made for your business?

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Mar 22, 2018
As some of you may know, I quit everything to focus on my lifes dream to create a successful software development company.

It has been 4 months in, and I'm very happy to say I'm finally planning to release the beta this week. Obviously this has come with a great sacrifice. I wanted to share mine and hopefully someone will share theirs.

Not going to lie, the road has been an extreme stress. I have never been so much out of the comfort zone in my life. Here are some of the sacrifices I've made or I'm currently facing:
  • I left a very well paid job (there were multiple reasons).
  • I broke ties with everyone who had any kind of negative impact on my life.
  • I broke up with the "love of my life" of 5 years, primarily because she discouraged me greatly and told me to give up.
  • I ran out of money completely (few days ago).
  • I constantly worry about bills, as I'm already falling behind.
  • I accumulated a small dept along the way
  • I'm no longer a smoker for obvious reasons (was smoking a pack a day).
  • I have 3 days worth of food supply left (pasta + salt).
  • I've lost close to 8kg of weight
  • I'm getting a lot of chest pains
  • I get constant migraines, but ran out of medicine.
  • I've been battling depression for like a decade, no medicine as well.
So how do I still keep myself together?

Now when I'm knee deep in hell, the mind just accepts the circumstances and pushes me even harder towards my goal. It's kinda like prison (never been there), you wouldn't want to end up there (leave the comfort zone), but once you do, your mind just accepts the new circumstances (as there's no other choice) and looses most of the fear it previously possessed about the situation.

The hardest part is clearing the head from all the problems while I'm programming, as 70% of my thoughts keep focusing on the problems outside work. I try to think of the end result, how far I've already gotten and the value it's going to give to my future clients and the experience of running own business. I've made more progress in the last 4 months towards my dreams than I ever have. I've went through so much s***, that I feel like all the stress I experienced previously in my life was nothing more than a little discomfort. My only worry atm is not to get a stroke or something before I get the app launched as I already feel a great strain from the stress on my mental and physical health. I promised myself that nothing is going to get in my way of accomplishing my goal, and I'm sticking to that promise.

Some of you may think this was a purelly irresponsible move on my end, but please let me explain:
  • I have worked for the last 14 years as a programmer in the corporate world, it drove me so blunt I lost all the joy in the very skill I've been working on all my life.
  • I've fully managed the tech side of various different businesses (owned by other people).
  • Running my own software development company has been my dream since the childhood.
  • I didn't decide to make an app at random. All the personal projects I have ever worked on have been unique ideas I couldn't find anywhere else. This particular idea came to me 3 years ago and luckily nobody has executed it yet. I have done a lot research and even much inferior apps in the same category are selling very well. This app is a new concept with a twist.
  • I understand that the app will not sell over night, but I have planned few marketing strategies which should "spread the word" like wildfire.
  • I received a great feedback so far from all the people I showed the alpha version to, even though it was showing only about 30% of functionality of what the final product will have.
  • I'm planning to find a business partner and give up 49% of the equity as there is no other choice at this point. I could offer an existing company to buy the app, but that would conflict with the main goal on why I'm making the app in the first place. My primary goal is to make the best software development company I possibly can, the money will be the reward.
  • I'm already too deep into this, and all the roads have always came down to this. if there was no turning back few months ago, then there's definitely no turning back now. It's all or nothing for me at this point.

While I'm currently in a very tough situation, all my problems will simply disappear with a little bit of cash. Once I reach that point, it will be a heaven from there and a new chapter will start, I will finally get to experience my dream and hopefully make other peoples dreams come true as well. My only enemy is the time as I'm cutting uncomfortably close.

What is the biggest sacrifice you have ever made for you business?

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