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  1. Chai123

    Where to find franchise opportunities?

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to the community and found out about Fastlane just googling online communities that valued the importance of entrepreneurship and capital ownership (as opposed to relying on wage labor for your livelihood). I think the most powerful idea I've learned from The Millionaire...
  2. alexXx9

    Exploring Drop Streaming: A New Approach to Building an Online Music Business (Looking for Opinions)

    Hello Guys, I am new here, and I want to build a good online business. I started in 2022 with Self-Publishing non-fiction books, bought a course, applied all the concepts, invested heavily, and consumed every kind of content. I published more than 25 non-fiction books (30k words each one). I...
  3. Drive2Riches

    My 23yo kid now enjoys passive income (before I get to)

    Last week my son received his first royalty check for one song that he produced in 2019. He has a talent in the music industry, writing songs and producing music for himself and for various artists in LA. I asked him if he'd read TMF and he said that he did, back when I sent it to him two...
  4. R

    Product That Will Save Lives

    I'm struggling with finding the right direction to go. I have patent pending protection on a product that will save many lives. The product can be used in general public, commercial, government and military. This is my first time inventing a product and I am to the point where we have a...
  5. Nekoemon

    I'm writing an eBook and there are those quotes...

    Hi Fastlaners I'm writing my eBook now (slightly turbocharged by reading and swallowing the Fastlane) and the main question popping up to my mind is the legal matter of quotes. If I want to quote a famous sentence from let's say Beethoven, I guess there isn't much to worry about. But what if I...
  6. G

    General Question and Possibly Debate

    Hello Everyone, I would like to start by giving you some background on myself before I pose my question. Before I do; the reason I'm not sharing the exact idea at the moment, is because I need proof of concept before I pursue the patent. I'm a 26 year old in product development as a full time...