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  1. G

    5 Reasons Why a Recession will Come in 2023

    I've been watching the economy recently and am starting to get a little nervous about what I am seeing. I thought it might be helpful to share some of the data with the Fastlane Crew and get your input and opinion on this. The first thing is the yield curve inversion. Normally, longer-term...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    A recession is needed in order SHAKE-OUT the fools...

    I welcome a recession as I view it as a necessary evil in order to bring order and common sense back to investing and the financial markets. In other words, a recession is needed to shake-out the investment fools who think investing means "Go to Robinhood and buy any option discussed at Wall...
  3. E

    What are your thoughts on going all in crypto in this Recession?

    Hey guys, I want to know your thoughts on going all in crypto through this recession? I`m pretty young so I have a huge time horizont to "hodl" all my cryptocoins. I`m also investet in a lot of shares but I see a very huge potential in crypto for the next years after recession and I want to...
  4. C

    Thoughts on cashing out a HELOC before recession

    Hi All, It seems like the economy might be heading into a recession at this point. I have an available line of credit on my home that has a variable interest rate. With market downturns, there is always huge opportunity to grow wealth. I'm currently evaluating the risk/benefits of cashing out...
  5. Simon Angel

    How To Help This RE Business Owner And Add Vlaue During The C0VlD-19 Recession? (With Details Inside)

    I went to a meeting this morning with the biggest RE agency in my city - ironically the only one that wanted to meet up with me out of all the others I cold called. The business owner loved every second of our meeting, was thrilled I contacted him and would very much want to have me run Google...
  6. Michael Bavarian

    Incoming recession: Ideas for taking advantage? (Brainstorming)

    Hello guys, I guess at this moment it is quite obvious that we will face a quite harsh global recession the following months and years due to the effects of the corona virus. Nevertheless, I do not want to follow all these "the-world-is-going-under" claims - it is just a recession, and we will...
  7. S

    All Businesses Will Fail In a Couple Of Months??

    So we know that the Corona Virus is gonna hit hard - very hard. On the other hand we await the recession and now with Corona it probably will speed up. I think we will probably see the start of the recession still in 2020. Now I´ve been thinking: - What business can thrive in a recession +...
  8. CPisHere

    The coming recession

    The stock market's current levels are crazy high, and we're already past-due, historically, for a recession. It is obvious to me that this bubble will pop and we will have a very large correction in the next few years (if I had to guess I'd say 2019 or 2020). What's not apparent yet is "the...