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  1. D

    REAL ESTATE Any UK property people here? Need advice on selling house

    Hi everyone. I'm selling my house at the moment. I've had valuations of £140k-155k. I didn't buy to sell but selling at 140k I'm at a £7k profit, for reference. In a valuation I discovered as the builder had taken out the door and window (without explaining the consequences) there is no...
  2. welshmin

    Cash Flow vs Value Appreciation

    Hey guys, New to real estate investing and hoping to get a little help. Recently bought our first home (Feb) and have since fixed up, built equity and saved. We're now looking at our first rental property. I've noticed in my area (Brisbane, Australia) that there are townhouses in gated...
  3. D

    SOLD COMPANY & NET £500k FROM IT - what next?

    Hi all First post here so glad to be a part of the community :-) So here’s a quick back story - I’m 27, just sold a company and netted just over £500,000 from it. I have zero debt. I want to invest the money and am thinking real estate but wanted everyone’s advice on what they think the next...
  4. whiterabbit

    $65,000 passive income by age 40

    Hey guys, Quick question. I'm 29 and currently own a number of bedsits which I rent out in the U.K. Im mainly in China however still manage the properties myself via making phone calls basically. (handyman / electrician etc). From these I make a fairly good passive income. Obviously I have...
  5. JordanK

    REAL ESTATE "I'm Not Here To Take Part, I'm Here To Take Over"

    I decided to channel my inner Conor McGregor with the thread title, also the fact that I’m born and based out of Ireland made it all the more relevant. He’s a modern day living hero for many young people living here including myself. The ability to go from nothing to something so quickly and...
  6. A

    Property Prices Outrages, What Should I do?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if you guys had any advice for a 28 year old. Me and my girlfriend will soon be looking into buying our first property and luckily we will be able to buy it outright without any mortgages. That said, at the moment the property prices in my country have reached...
  7. JustAskBenWhy

    23 Offers on this - thoughts?

    So we put an offer in on an apartment community. There were 23 offers. 7 made it into highest and best. Our offer was $300,000 than broker's original guidance. It was also higher than his guidance during our site visit when it was clear that there'd be a lot of interest. We went $100,000 EMD...
  8. Franco100

    Training for Investing in Real Estate

    Hi, I wanted to know if there is an online business that gives advice on buying a property, renovating and seeing at a higher price. Let me explain, could it work, a consulting business for the speculative purchase of a real estate property? Give at the client all the advice online on how to...
  9. dimraj

    Getting into property (Help with the learning process)

    Hey guys, i have been a lurker on this forum for a little while, i have recently read the fastlane book. A little bit about me, i am a 23 year old living in England UK. I worked in a slowlane job until about 6 months ago when i quit to go back to university for my masters degree. I managed to...
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