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  1. MJ DeMarco

    The Problem/Purpose Paradigm: Fire Unlimited Motivation and Laser Focus...

    The Problem/Purpose Paradigm How to Tap Into Unlimited Motivation and Give Yourself a Laser-Like Focus. Every. Single. Day. Imagine you're chained to a railroad track. 
In the distance, you hear the ominous clatter of an approaching train. Your heart pounds like a jackhammer, and every beat...
  2. S

    Management issues

    I own a 15 year old small business with approximately 4MM in revenue (formerly $5MM just two years ago). We are in the home services and construction subcontracting business. We have approx 25 employees including the two owner partners. We have been in hopes of selling the business in the...
  3. DCG

    Problems/Needs Thread

    I wanted to make this thread because I feel like it could help others as well as myself find problems that people have with products and services. So if you have problems with a product or service you bought (you most likely will) just complain about here so that maybe someone will make that...
  4. Yunes

    The producer consumer problem

    Hello everyone. I have a question regarding a business Idea. I want to release a service that works basicly like this: Producers provide things that consumers pay for, both are my customers. the problem that i am facing is that the producers need consumers to start and the consumers need...
  5. David Borodin

    How Much Do You Pay For A Freelancher?

    I am currently programming a website, but I am no pro, so I get some problems which I'm not capable to solve. That's why I'm planning to hire a Freelancher to do it for me. One thing that can be a problem is that I could pay a bit higher then I should. That's why I am asking, if you know what...
  6. David Borodin

    Databases Problems Are Painful...

    Bonjour, So basically there is a problem that accrued recently... :xx: I will try my best to explain it simply and save you time. :thumbsup: If you have experience with it, and you have time to help me, I would absolutely appreciate it! :)...
  7. David Borodin

    JavaScript is a PAIN in the

    Hello Everyone, I going to try to explain as short and simple as possible. So, recently I was programming a javascript for my website, but something went wrong... The javascript does not show up on the website. I watched countless of videos of this problem, but nothing solves it. I also tried...
  8. Breo

    Which way is the right way?

    Hello fastlane community, I thanked a lot about my situation and I hope that some comments on this thread can help others and me in my "new" beginning. Very short introduction, i am a nearly 22 years old mechanical student in Germany and my Journey started one year ago when I first saw a video...
  9. Walter Hay

    How I started and built my B2B importing empire

    With concerns growing among forum members regarding the lack of control when selling on Amazon, there has also been an increasing interest in B2B selling, to some extent due to the greater control possible. To help as much as I can, I decided to start this thread, firstly outlining the way I...
  10. A way of life

    Having difficulties finding problems on Twitter

    I have been having difficulties finding problems on Twitter when using #Ihate ,#Imtiredof etc and searching for "Why is this like this? , "I wish there was" etc. Anyone that has used Twitter to find problems got any ideas on how I could search better for better results.
  11. P

    Finding solutions to problems?

    Hi Guys, I've been having some issues with this thing lately so I wanted to see how more advanced entrepreneurs deal with it. I can basically identify loads of problems in my daily life(I suppose lots of people can) but I'm having a really hard time coming up with solutions to solve these...
  12. visiomari

    The Ultimate Brainstorming Thread: Need an Idea? Get in here!

    If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur waiting for that big idea, keep reading! I am on the same boat as you. However, recently I compiled all my brainstorming “triggers” and after a ton of thought and writing, I got some really, really cool ideas (at least 5 I could take reasonable action on)...
  13. Fab89

    Domestic cleaner website Idea - What problems do you see?

    I have an idea of making a website people use to find domestic cleaners in their local area. The cleaners will be self employed and register on the website as a cleaner dictating what they want to charge and any other aspect of their job. I don't like how agencies take most of the money from...
  14. ElPatrico

    ElPatrico: Newborn

    Hello everyone! It is a a pleasure for me to be on this forum among this awesome people. I wanna share with you story about me. So... LET'S BEGIN I'm from Poland. When I was 14 years old I was going through period when I think money are unimportant. You know, peace&love kind of this...
  15. D

    Found this on Qoura: problems waiting to be solved

    Maybe we should start a similar thread?
  16. PureA

    I've got a BIG problem - and I'm SCREWED!

    We all have problems. Some little, some large. And until recently, it made sense to me that large problems often take a lot of work, analysis, trial, error, and failure to overcome... But why? Of course the brain loves every second. Research, procrastination, analysis, further reading, off...
  17. GabrielDC

    The Chimera called 'Money'.

    As the title suggest, this post is about money and how it affects MY mindset. I have this thing in my mind: What If, starting from tomorrow I was able to not to worry about making money? For me, thinking about money or shit to pay is just devastating, it completely blocks me, some days I just...
  18. BrooklynHustle

    Problems = Opportunities. Advice from a Billionaire.....

    Fits right in with @MJ DeMarco's way of thinking. The more you can open your eyes to problems in the world around you, the more potential opportunities you will uncover (Of course you need to take action & solve 1 of the problems to release the potential) Figured the forum would appreciate...
  19. tpjay

    What came first...the market or the problem?

    My group and I were having a discussion about what come first; the market or the problem? If the market came first you are able to target a specific customer with a specific problem but you could be alienating other possible problems you can solve. (I choose this route) What do you think? I...
  20. arfadugus

    Why the 30 Day Copywriting Challenge Doesn't Work. Secrets from OZ and Narnia.

    The Books, The Information, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe! OH MY! You've read 10 expert books on copywriting. You've handwritten 30 sales letters. You haven't made a cent copywriting. Here's why.... These ten books on copywriting go into detail about benefits vs. features. They give...