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personal growth

  1. Bifaa

    Unlocking Your Potential: A Journey in Self-Development

    Greetings everyone, I'm thrilled to be a part of this engaging community that fosters growth and self-improvement. The realm of self-development has been a passion of mine, and I'm eager to dive into discussions with all of you wonderful individuals. I'd love to kick things off by exploring...
  2. RayAndré

    Finally Clear - Starting my personal development company

    So I joined TFF about 5 years ago and its changed my life. (I know I'm not alone there...) The first project I stared after joining was a personal growth blog called The Ambitious Me. This was my gut feeling, I was passionate about personal growth and wanted to help and support others on their...
  3. mrudskyi

    Share your opinion about mentorship

    Hey, y'all, I am currently looking for things to solve and markets to approach. I've recently discovered that there might be a need for a service that helps people connect mentors with mentees. Please share your opinion and feedback about mentorship and idea of manually connecting mentor with...
  4. DMNinja

    Moving the needle, and readjusting along the way

    Hello yet again! It's been a period of reflection and self-growth for me. I've moved forward, faced fears, got a further understanding of myself, and now it's the time I make this thread. My end goal is to build and maintain a civil engineering business, while creating value in the sector by...
  5. S

    How do you personally shake off the feeling of making a bad decision?

    Dear Fastlane Members: Recently, I spent 24 waking hours making an experimental video. It was my first attempt at voiceover and visual comedy. It was a painstaking process to splice together clips that matched with the audio tracks. When was finally published, I was hit with utter...
  6. JWM

    Are you a Multipotentialite/Polymath?

    So I stumbled across this term last year some time, while it sounds corny at first, I realised I fit the definition. "A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do." The term...
  7. RB96

    Hi Everyone and Thank You MJ

    Hi everyone, I have been a member of the forum for over a year and still not posted just lurked... Sorry :( for what its worth anyway I am going to be as honest as possible but to be honest I dont feel 100% comfortable in sharing my name, profession and stuff at this early stage Today I have...
  8. MTF

    Are You Weak? This Exercise Will Show You

    After physiological needs, the most essential need of every human being is security and safety. You can't thrive as an entrepreneur if you constantly fear for your life the way people living in a war-torn country do. However, if you're reading this, all of your basic needs are most likely...