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payment gateway

  1. yevheniiku

    Payment gateway for Ukraine SaaS

    SAAS / APPS 
    I am currently searching for payment gateways for my SaaS app that is located in Ukraine and will be used worldwide. Here are my requirements: Adequate support available Recurring payments (will be using a subscription model) Ability to process payments worldwide Availability in Ukraine I have...
  2. Lex DeVille

    Are You Accepting Crypto for Payments Yet?

    Wanted to start a discussion to find out who is accepting crypto for payment, and how you've gone about integrating it into your business. Right now, I don't accept crypto as payment for anything. I'm not against it. It's just that my main checkout system (ThriveCart) hasn't integrated an...
  3. SweetTooth

    Best Payment Gateway For Dropshipping

    Whats the best gateway for dropshipping? I know Paypal is super against dropshipping.