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  1. Domis

    A Question for Agency Owners

    Hey guys, I started a Short Form Content Agency ~2 weeks ago. Since then I have basically ran out of people to reach out to, because my niche is law and the only way I search for clients is by typing words like "Lawyer" or "Attorney" into the YouTube search bar and sending them an example clip...
  2. Paul David

    Roast my Email (or SMS/cold call script etc)

    I thought it might be useful for those of us who do cold outreach to have a roast my outreach content thread. We could post our content here and get some feedback from the business owners in the group on whether they liked it, hated it or offer advice on what they'd change. I'll start. Here's...
  3. stefandrazic

    ROI on Social Media Marketing for a Web Design Agency

    Hi there! I'm just starting my Web Design Agency for the first time. I've figured out the domain name I'm going to buy. I'm going to get a website up and running. I was just wondering about the benefits of social media marketing and blog for my business. Is it a good return on investment? I...
  4. Hadrian9

    Feedback for outreach for email marketing services?

    I noticed a lot of E-Commerce stores neglect to send welcoming emails to people who subscribe to their newsletter, even though it's a crucial part of email marketing. I found a bunch of businesses with this problem and made an example welcome email for each one that I could replicate in their...
  5. M

    What's your underrated outreach method/strategy? (Outreach Thread)

    I'll go first: Industry: Web development (Freelance) Strategy: Reddit has been working for me the best till now. I usually send chat requests (my pitch + portfolio) to warm leads (leads that have shown some indication of interest in webdev services in their recent posts/comments). For example...
  6. Paul David

    What's the best cold email or DM you've ever received?

    Been doing a lot of research into cold outreach. Done correctly it can work really well. What worked in 2015 however may not work as they do now. What's the best cold email you've ever received? Would you be more inclined to respond if somebody asked for advice rather than pitched their...
  7. A

    4 Super-Effective Sales Email Follow Up Templates

    Ina recent blog post about the best sales email subject lines, we shared the findings of a research study which revealed that 80% of successful sale transactions require an average of 5 follow-ups after initial contact. Yet, 44% of salespeople never follow-up after their first outreach! So...