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  1. Andrew 1177

    Will AI kill the fastlane dream?

    This is just me riffing but hear me out. To anyone with a fig of foresight it's pretty obvious AI will very soon shatter existing paradigms of work, business models and very likely capitalism as we know it. Whether or not GPT-4 is already exhibiting signs of AGI (which this early on in the...
  2. MTF

    What was the last thing you changed your mind on?

    I heard this cool question and thought it would be an interesting idea for a thread: What was the last thing you changed your mind on? Ideally your opinion changed diametrically but even slight changes would be interesting to read. I think it's a great exercise to see how/if you evolve. If...
  3. Ronozoro

    My Idea for a start up, would really love your thoughts on it , be it negative too

    I am thinking of starting up a business where i grow vegetables indoor vertically hydroponically and give out monthly subs of about 15$ in my city (its a big city, in asia ) that ll get them 400 grams of vegies every week delivered to their homes , it ll be fresh, chemical free and they ll know...
  4. Addy338


    I am from middle class Indian family from a minority community living in a small town with lots of faith in God for an awesome future. I don't know if it'll be easy for me or not but if you have anything to let me help in my journey please do comment. I don't get to know much people to hang out...
  5. I

    Start a new company in Ireland or in the UK?

    Hi there, so let me get straight to the point: I want to start a new company that provides services to other real estate companies (business to business). It will be an internet company but I will need to relocate to the place where I will be operating. I have 2 choices so far, start in...
  6. M

    Building a new Software for Artifical Intelligence

    Hey guys, after I read the two books from MJ at January of this year I realized that my business partner and myself were on the wrong path to build a business. I am currently 23 years old and since my 18 birthday I tried several businesses, some were a little bit successfull but at the end all...
  7. B

    Has the United States turned to sh*t?

    Capitalism and free enterprise has essentially become corporatism and a bunch of wealthy people (the elites as they say), in bed with politicians, doing whatever they can to rig the system and sustain their power. Education is pure sh*t. Degrees usually cost a high 5 figures, 6 figures even...
  8. juba.hadjal

    I Want to Start a Feedback/comment Company

    Hello there! I wanted to share my idea of business with you. Recently, I thought that people need feedback and comments on their websites (established or starter) and they need experts analysis of their SEO, Article Writing, FB ads, Funnels, and so on. People want great feedback and comments...
  9. JCS

    How do I avoid becoming a guru?

    If this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it! So I'm in the middle of writing a script for a youtube channel I will beginning in the very near future. I'm confident enough in my understanding of marketing to feel that I can hit the ground running at the beginning and keep the flow...