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one at a time

  1. Andy Black

    Andy's Favourite One-Liners

    I love collecting quotes and boiling thoughts down to one-liners. I've had this list for a few years and always meant to expand on each. They're not organised, and I need to attribute them. I'll do this over time. Thought I'd drop the list in here in case some of them resonate with you. Let...
  2. N

    1 OR 3 Products When Launching New Fastlane Business

    Hello, I will be launching my own fragrance house product in the next few months and would like your opinions if part of fastlane should I try to launch just one product, for example one Perfume or several? With one perfume I can concentrate on just one product, zoom in into what we are about...
  3. Andy Black

    Just start already

    It was just after midnight on 10-Nov-20 and I was annoyed with myself for not starting a particular project I'd been thinking about for a few weeks. I decided to quickly post a short note to my Facebook profile before hitting the hay. At the time I had 880 friends on Facebook and had been a...