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  1. anti_businessman

    How would you grow a loyal following for your newsletter?

    As per the title, I am currently starting a newsletter on ecommerce. I would like to grow my subscriber list to a solid amount of engaged and loyal following. I am not aiming for big numbers like 1000's but even a few 100s or 50 very engaged subscribers would be great. My newsletter will...
  2. Borderless CLTV

    Substack or X's article feature for long-form content?

    I have a Premium+ account on X, which is a new feature allowing only those with such tiered membership to write long-form content akin to a Substack feel. It allows media to be inserted within text, bullet points, and many other features simply not available in a typical post fashion...
  3. A

    Bank credit = free money

    Months ago, I received the fastlane newsletter in my inbox. It was talking about something like « test drive the fastlane lifestyle » where mj explained why he got a bank credit to buy a house. It was like a no brainer for me, but I lost the mail. So I just wondered if someone can find it...
  4. ariceon7

    A modest start - My Newsletter! Venture in Content Creation

    Hi Fast Lane Community! I am currently reading “The Millionaire Fast Lane” and drawn on to the idea of establishing a content system. I have started my Newsletter called “Wonderletter” last month, sharing personal , career reflections, and tips on growth in finance, business and life. I...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    From Dummy to Expert in 6 months...

    Imagine having a map to buried treasure, a journey that can change your life in unimaginable magnitude. And yet, after close examination of the map, you decide to sit home and do nothing because the journey looks difficult, or the journey doesn't come with a mentor that will hold your hand...
  6. MJ DeMarco

    STOP Cheating Yourself and Earn What You're Worth!

    How to Stop Cheating Yourself, And Earn What You Deserve. Question: Is the effort you're expending worth the reward? New from the Fastlane Newsletter (click link to subscribe, registered forum users can OPT-IN via their account details in control panel.) ---- Two hikers, both smitten by the...
  7. MJ DeMarco

    Stop reading about swimming and jump in the damn pool!

    I've said this over and over here. At some point, you have to STOP reading about swimming, and just jump in the pool. I found this great tweet on Twitter that summarizes the importance of reading, but also on following up reading with a dive into the pool. In today's culture, ACCESS TO...
  8. Lionhearted

    How a $2 "life hack" changed everything. Thank you MJ!

    If you're not subscribed to the Fastlane Forum news letter, you're missing out! I also have a "Health Journal". I track blood sugar weight and workout activity. Thanks to your news letter, I will expand what I document. BTW I had that same itch in the arch of my foot. Seriously one of the most...
  9. redshift

    The story of how I built a subscription newsletter (about entrepreneurship).

    It's the year 2022. Suddenly, without warning, we all seem to have gotten caught up in a recent gold rush of "newsletters." How did this happen? No one knows. Even @MJ DeMarco experienced this, as he described here. Usually, I'm pretty good at not getting sucked into trends, but around 8-9...
  10. MJ DeMarco

    From podcasting to newsletters... the new HOT thing?

    Was going to post this in the Random Chat thread but thought a separate discussion might be better. Question: Are Newsletters the new hot thing? Closely behind short videos? A few years ago it was podcasting and I feel like everyone had a podcast, and if they didn't, they were starting one...
  11. MaxT

    Create a newsletter with Amazon Ses / MailCheat(Chimp)

    Hello, I have created my blog with pure code (no wordpress) and the interface for get the name + email of the user. My goal is to find a solution for send mail / newsletter. Do I need to save the mail adress + name on my database ? Or is it possible to send this data directly to amazon ses or...
  12. MTF

    How to Build and Grow a Newsletter as a Business Model

    Newsletters have been a stable online business model ever since the Internet became popular. For some time overlooked because of social media, they're now making a big comeback. There are a few reasons why newsletters are now hot: Writers are looking for new ways to make money without being...
  13. R

    Newsletter service: what am I doing wrong?

    I recently opened my newsletter service and as soon as I started it, I sent it to my friends family, posted it on insta, twitter, LinkedIn and where not. But the thing is not even a single one subscribed yet. What am I missing, how do I get people to subscribe it?