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  1. B

    Monogamy in Software Development: One Product or One Field?

    In the “Make Execution Matter: 13 Best Practices” section of “Unscripted,” the concept of being “Faithfully Monogamous” raises an intriguing question for us software engineers. Does this mean we should commit to developing just one product, like a SaaS, or does it suggest a broader commitment to...
  2. M

    how long do we need to be monogamous?

    we all know MJ said first go for monogamy (meaning focus on developing one business) then move on to polygamy (start multiple businesses). but how do we know at what point to start being polygamous? i mean, some businesses you can sell, so in those it would go like: sell the monogamy and use...
  3. Champion

    Serving two masters at once... makes you go bald.

    For those who are interested in these metaphor stories, I just heard another great one today while listening to audiobook in the car, it goes like this: In Ancient Greece, it was completely normal for a man to have two wives, one old and one young. Both women would love the man very dearly...
  4. inputchip

    Monogamy must precede polygamy.

    Let me tell you guys a story. There was a young entrepreneur having having lunch with a billionaire mentor of his. The man was in his 80's and had made his fortune in the oil and gas industry. He told the young entrepreneur when he was a young guy, he leased rights to drill on some land in...
  5. SteveO

    One Trick Pony

    Sometimes I wonder if people are looking too many directions to try and figure out a path to take. Not that it isn't important to evaluate the options but, at some point the direction needs to narrow down. It did not take long for me to get into the fastlane once I had decided to invest in...