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  1. Wouter

    Interest check: European Fastlane Meetup

    Hi everyone, Attending the 2020 Fastlane Summit was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. It brought me lifelong friends, business and insights, and cemented the Fastlane philosophy in my life. Two weeks ago we organized a Dutch Fastlane meetup locally, and it was a great...
  2. K1 Lambo

    Any entrepreneurs in Prague/Czech Republic here on the forum?

    I'll be travelling to Prague in a week or so and I was wondering if there are any Czech fastlaners here on the forum? As this is going to be my first time in Prague (or Czech Republic in general), so it would be nice to know some of you guys in real life. :)
  3. Joejordan95


    What up fools, Any entrepreneurs based in the UK like London or Essex or Ipswich? I'm based in Essex at the moment but moving to Ipswich in Suffolk soon. Would be great to connect with more people as you know the old saying "You Are Who Your Friends Are" Some of my friends are not on the...
  4. A

    I'm SOLD on Meet-ups

    I've been going to developer meetups in my city since the beginning of this year (2019). Up until that point I had been teaching myself to code using books and online resources like stack overflow. Going to these meetups has proven to be the best decision I have made after making the commitment...
  5. ApeRunner

    Cancun Meetup and Vacation

    I want to know how many people would be interested in attending a meetup in Cancun, Mexico. My idea is to have the meetup in a boardroom in a business hotel. You are free to stay at the hotel of your liking in Cancun. Options are plenty. I am willing to be the host/organizer. Nothing big. Just...
  6. Ashish Kulkarni

    Any Fastlaners in Glasgow, Scotland?

    Hi guys, Are any of you based in Glasgow or Stirling in Scotland? Best regards, Ashish.
  7. ZF Lee

    ZF's progress thread

    Alright, just as I said. I would post some results from my Reddit tests. It seems that the folks need to see something tangible. I still will need to develop a cheap prototype and have 50-100 batches. I spotted a competing product being used by someone from today's meeting. I borrowed it for a...
  8. Rich Wood

    Value of your local Chamber of Commerce

    Today, I attended a speed-networking local Chamber of Commerce Event - called First Fridays. There were over a hundred attendees, all representing different companies, products and services. We spent about 2 mins each pitching who we were, what we did, and what our ask was. After everyone had...
  9. AndrewNC

    Negative Environments. Travel & Entrepreneurship. Project Boulder 2.0

    Do you feel stuck in a life that isn't right for you, needing an escape? They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most of your time with. And not just the people. The media you consume, the culture you are in, and the environment as a whole. If you've been living one small...

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