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marketing agancy

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  1. uchegoodness

    What are the different benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency?

    What are the different benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency? Below are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency: 1. Experience in handling multiple projects and good domain knowledge. 2. All your marketing activities are taken care with no to minimal effort from your end...
  2. Lunamoonbay

    RANT Ad agency or do it yourself

    In the past year I tried my online store with 2️⃣ big ads agencies( they claim they help promoting multiple medium/ small successful ecommerce companies). However the first one gave me a 2-3 time ROAS for 6 months and they are not be able to scale more than 4 digits( ROAS started to decrease...
  3. marfling

    How I grew my SEO client base.

    I have small SEO business currently servicing 12 clients paying a monthly retainer as well as some ad-hoc project work such audits and research. I’m earning well but my income is 100% handcuffed to my time and I don’t know where the keys to the handcuffs are at the moment. I’ve only really just...
  4. L

    EXECUTION I'm starting a marketing agancy

    Hey fastlaners, I doubt anyone has read my previous thread about my amazon business and to be honest it's not much value in there so i understand why. I'm a 20 yrs old living in Sweden, I currently own a Ecom business selling on amazon. For a few months i've been enjoying some traveling and...

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