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marketing agancy

  1. Tubs

    Starting a Marketing Agency (Progress Thread)

    Hey Fastlaners, Been a while since I last posted on here, I previously started a window cleaning business and I managed to make some good cash from it. Business kind of died off as winter started and I decided not to continue with it. I realized it's not really the kind of work I can see...
  2. David Fitz

    Building a Digital Marketing Agency from Scratch

    I've been wanting to go full time into digital marketing for years. I've finally sold up my cleaning business in Ireland and moved to Portugal. One, I wanted sunshine and a better lifestyle. Two, I wanted to go somewhere cheaper and build this business with the money I've saved. Three, I...
  3. Shubham Gacche

    Help Carpet Cleaning Businesses Add £3000 - £5000 to there monthly revenue Or THEY DON'T PAY.

    Hello Everyone, i have been working on my Agency from past one week and the Progress i have made till now is as follows, Agency Name: CleanLeeds Media Niche and Location- Carpet & Upholestery Cleaning and Leeds, UK (the Niche and location are selected based on Most Searched businesses on Google...
  4. Sechy

    Gonna deploy my first smma... Any tips

    Hi guys, Its me again, so i have my first cllient.. Let me tell you its a good feeling, but i am doing website making and facbook ads for him.. I dont really know how much should i charge.. Any tips.. Overall? I love this forum because it gave me hope and also some good ideas so if you have any...
  5. E

    Best Niches For "SMMA" ("Copiers" are not allowed)

    Guys fast start to discussion is I in this "SMMA" for a while and what I see is because of these "content creators" that try to sell courses, peolpe that want to make "easy money" just came to the niche like a surf wave and f*ck it up all the niche market. Not all of it but most of it (at least...
  6. Maredona

    How do I price my services? (Facebook ads)

    I've recently started my social media marketing agency. Done some cold calling and I've booked a meeting for Tuesday morning (It's Sunday now). I'm confident I can deliver results for the dentist that i'm hopefully gonna work with. Since this is my first potential client I'd really appreciate...
  7. E

    What questions are they likely to ask me before I hire them?

    Hello everyone, I currently have 2 potential employees who can acquire clients for my agency. I am yet to interview them tomorrow. What questions are they likely to ask me before I hire them? Thank you in advance! :)
  8. uchegoodness

    What are the different benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency?

    What are the different benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency? Below are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency: 1. Experience in handling multiple projects and good domain knowledge. 2. All your marketing activities are taken care with no to minimal effort from your end...
  9. Lunamoonbay

    Ad agency or do it yourself

    In the past year I tried my online store with 2️⃣ big ads agencies( they claim they help promoting multiple medium/ small successful ecommerce companies). However the first one gave me a 2-3 time ROAS for 6 months and they are not be able to scale more than 4 digits( ROAS started to decrease...
  10. marfling

    How I grew my SEO client base.

    I have small SEO business currently servicing 12 clients paying a monthly retainer as well as some ad-hoc project work such audits and research. I’m earning well but my income is 100% handcuffed to my time and I don’t know where the keys to the handcuffs are at the moment. I’ve only really just...
  11. L

    I'm starting a marketing agancy

    Hey fastlaners, I doubt anyone has read my previous thread about my amazon business and to be honest it's not much value in there so i understand why. I'm a 20 yrs old living in Sweden, I currently own a Ecom business selling on amazon. For a few months i've been enjoying some traveling and...