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  1. Breeze_Interface

    What makes people pay for mobile apps or not?

    I want to make mobile apps. I have the technical skills and alot of ideas for apps that would be useful to people. However, I'm having trouble in the monetization step because I'm having a hard time differentiating between useful products that people would pay for VS useful products that people...
  2. S

    Shall I make the prototype myself? / Some good, trusted companies in the U.K?

    So, I think I've thought of an invention after following the advise in Un-scripted - (when you notice a problem / predicament / something that doesn't exist yet, then ACT!) The invention(product) is fairly simple in design (with range options) and I imagine easy to manufacture and produce -...
  3. thegarymiller

    INTRO Hey, I am Gary Miller & I Like Chowmein!

    No, I don't really like Chowmein. I just ate it once when I was in hospital and my aunt brought it for me. I ate it while a patient in the room next to me breathed his last. Well, that was a bad day. Now about my Introduction. I am Gary and I am a Marketing Strategist at an Advertising firm...
  4. Aardvark

    Social Media Marketing

    Afternoon Everyone, How are you all doing? I'm caught in two minds about what to do regarding the Social Media aspect of my business, I've got everything almost good to go and want to start building up brand awareness over the next two month prior to launch. One thought of mine is to manage...
  5. DanielSv


    Wondering why some companies spend $50K, $100K or $200K a day, just on Facebook, while you can’t even spend $1000/day and keep your cost per sale in the desired range? Here’s the secret — it’s not just about CPC, CPM, CPA or other C-words showing the correlation between the price and desired...

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