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  1. MJ DeMarco

    Luck is for schmucks, THIS is for winners.

    From the Life in the Fastlane newsletter... I swear, if I hear another wannabe entrepreneur justify dropping out of college because Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates dropped out, I'll vomit. 
Read on and discover why these two examples mean nothing, especially if you think dropping out of Johnson...
  2. capybro

    After seven years, nothing I do in business is profitable and I'm broke

    It has been seven years in my entrepreneurial journey and nothing I do makes money. All I do is just keep on losing my own money and other peoples money. It doesn't matter how much I test or how long I work on a business, everything I touch loses money. A friend partnered with me to run...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    Must Read: Quick Case Study on LUCK and MARKETING...

    Here's a classic case of why marketing is so important as a skill, even if you create the best product ever. You could formulate the cure to cancer, but if you can't sell it and get the sales cycle rolling, your great product won't be exposed to those who need it. In Unscripted, I call this...
  4. RayanMargham

    Is Success down to hard work or luck?

    Now I've always believe that success comes down to doing the hard work and dedication and I don't believe in luck, after seeing this video by derek I'm not sure if my mindset is a correct one or not? View: I just want to know other people's...
  5. R

    Good luck, bad luck. Who knows?

    An elderly, hard-working Chinese farmer and his son, had a single horse. They used the horse to plow the field, to sow the seeds, grow the crop, and transport it to the market. The horse was essential for the farmer to earn his livelihood. One morning, the horse broke the fence and ran away...
  6. ExaltedLife

    Moving the Needle on Probability

    Wow. My mind just got blown by a post from @MJ DeMarco. Some background: In the recently closed thread titled: "Quit now, get a job, and why bother. Everything is luck". The OP was complaining that his few half-assed attempts didn't get him anywhere and started to blame luck and basically...
  7. JAVB

    First, luck was overrated, then underrated

    Let's talk about "luck". Yeah, that one that some would say is "the reason" to one's success, and others would disregard as of trivial and not really important (what matters is "hard work"! kind of people). Which group are you? I dislike these losers who keep saying that success only comes to...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    Life's Gumball Machine, Creating Your Own Luck

    Saw this in my twitter feed, aside from some odd theatrics, I thought it was a nice animated summary of my Gumball Machine metaphor within my new book UNSCRIPTED. Not sure who the gal is, lol. There are 2 ways to change your luck: 1) Keep throwing action into the gumball machine and 2)...