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  1. E

    How do 2 owners of an LLC get paid?

    Hello, So a business bank account will be opened for a LLC company which has 2 members each owning 50%. How does financing work in such case? Can each member have their own separate bank account? How does each member get paid? Can there be a case of one being more dominant than the other...
  2. E

    Register LLC business in Nevada when based outside of USA

    Hello, How do I register my LLC business in Nevada even though I am based out of the US? I am looking forward to your inputs. Thank you
  3. LeoRoosevelt48

    Should we form our LLC in Delaware or Georgia?

    Hello all, My brother and I are starting our own recruitment/training company in the near future. We have been discussing filing in Delaware or Georgia (where we currently live). Here are a couple bullet points of consideration: -We are wanting to form our recruitment/training company to get...
  4. S

    Yearly Corporation Maintenance Fees

    I've seen that there are corporation tax filing fees, and other fees. It looked to be around $1200 USD per year to just maintain a corporation (I could be wrong, I only did a quick search). At what level of side-hustle income would it make sense to switch from a very very liable sole...
  5. Z

    When to incorporate?

    Hi guys. Have been a solo operation running digital marketing and analytics for a couple years now. Income is set to cross over the 6 figure marketing 2019 and just wondering, for tax purposes, if there are any benefits to be had about forming an LLC or S-Corp and paying myself as the sole...
  6. J

    Asset Protection beyond the LLC -- Any experts?

    I've read 5 books on Asset Protection over the last few weeks and my head is spinning. I'm wondering if anyone here has figured out good strategies to keep your money safe when venturing out onto the internet with an online business. The main thing that concerns me is it appears that single...
  7. Jerry Mills

    Just moved: Register my LLC with California?

    Trying to get business LOC and have now had two lenders want me to register my IL LLC (e-commerce) with State of CA. Not sure how long I'll be living here so would prefer not to if there's any way - but I also need the LOC/Loan. Thoughts?
  8. LunchMoney

    How to not get screwed in signing an LLC.

    I truly hope this was placed in the right category, and if not, I'm sure it may be moved. So, one day a few weeks ago a partner and I probe into a local market, take a poll with a local community, and we come up with the fantastic idea of opening a 24/7 gym near my house. Me, an avid gym-goer...
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