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  1. Andreas Thiel

    Are Ramit Sethi's Courses Legit?

    I can write a bit about Ramit Sethi, specifically the Zero To Launch course. I do think he it firmly legit. Yes, he makes his money telling people how to get rich, but he covers topics that he is familiar with and doesn't preach one thing while doing something else. I liked the concepts from the...
  2. IceCreamKid

    Josh Braun: The Badass B2B Growth Guide, Worth It?

    I wouldn't recommend 99% of guru courses out there because they're either outdated, outrageously overpriced, or provide trash quality info which sound good in theory but doesn't work in reality. With that said, there's one that I recommend: Josh Braun - The Badass B2B Growth Guide - Price...
  3. Lex DeVille

    Mike Bundrant - (Reviews and Discussion)

    Mike Bundrant - - Price: $300 - $500 I enrolled in his NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs in 2015. I'd already studied NLP since around 2007, but it never fully clicked until I went through these programs. Afterward, I was able to leverage the NLP Communication...
  4. Lex DeVille

    John Fealy, (Reviews and Discussion)

    John Fealy - - Price: Around $1,000 or $1,500 can't remember. Provides a full shed-building business system. Although I didn't follow through on this one, the training and support were excellent. The course is well-made. John offered private support. The instructions for...
  5. MTF

    Free Marketing Materials from Alex Hormozi... Legit?

    Free solid course on how to create offers: The guy offers all content for free because he's already made nine figures and only works with bigger businesses to scale them further so no BS "act now" offers hiding at the end.
  6. MJ DeMarco

    The Official 2018 Fastlane Summit Event Thread

    Discuss the event here! Post your pics here! Comment here! Happenings here! Thread opens Wednesday February 12th!

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