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  1. S


    Hi all, I'm 19 you can call me Santana, I've always been a motivated and ambitious young man since I can think, I come from the Bronx, NY and Im interested in improving and creating a better life for my family and the people around me, Honestly I truly want to succeed after all the hardships ive...
  2. D

    Hello World!

    Hi all, intro time. Just joined after listening to Fastlane Millionaire. I’m a military vet and after I got out, I dabbled in various things like going back to school (just some post-bacc classes…not a full degree), Red Cross volunteer, and worked in dialysis. We, as a family, had enough of...
  3. Calyps0

    Hi !

    Hello, my name is Joris, I'm 18 and I'm from France. Here's my story : I basically went from indulging myself with almost every bad/mediocre habits imaginable ( Video games, Youtube, Junk food, Sedentary lifestyle, you know the drill ... ), to a young man full of ambition that got rid off his...
  4. Osama Dar

    I wish I wasn't as skeptical and reluctant to take true action :(

    Hi forum friends! This is Osama (not the one you thinking :D). I joined this forum at the start of this year but haven't posted anything yet. I read Fastlane and Unscripted and got a dopamine surge by daydreaming about 'F**K This' to my current job and going for a scalable business. Although...
  5. Hello_World1

    A 12-year-old girl walks into a bar and reads "The Script"... Her parents say: Why the long face?

    So, my name is Jasmine. I am 30 and... let me tell you about myself. *gets on therapist chaise* (MJ said "The more the better." so you ASKED for this! haha) I am a black woman who lives and was raised in Arizona, USA. Left-handed, the youngest of my class, and the only non-white person in my...
  6. A

    The road so far..

    Hello all! Been lurking for about a year and I have yet to introduce myself. Didn’t really know what to say yet. I’ve been a software developer for over two decades now. From the start, I was dreaming of becoming a game dev. The game industry here was (and is) close to non-existant, and I was...
  7. candicee_huang

    NYU Student Looking to Connect with other Like-Minded Students

    Hi! I'm Candice, a grad student at NYU. I recently read "The Millionaire's Fastlane" and really enjoyed the ideas discussed in the book. I'm looking to start a project with someone who also wants to switch to the fastlane. I have experience in UX design and Product Management. I'd love to...
  8. m00n


    hello everyone Eager to read the stories of others and meeting new people :)
  9. H

    Hi there

    I'm a 31-year-old male who is married but has no kids. I’m a university dropout, but after a few years of dead-end and low-paid jobs and some problems with my health, I've succeeded in self-studying web programming, getting experience, getting healthier, getting a wife, and moving to another...
  10. Kandre

    Intro K. M. Andre

    Hi all, I am Kévin, a 28-year-old man disappointed with wage-earning. I have a Ph.D. in biology and have been working as an employee in the pharmaceutical industry for 2 years, but I have not felt fulfilled. I am now eager to dive into entrepreneurship and am thrilled to have discovered MJ...
  11. M

    Stepping off the sidewalk

    Has this phrase been used here, yet? Or am I the first to admit it? Either way to me, sounds cliche, but it's where I'm at. For many reasons I've been Slowlane averse my whole life and haven't done anything beyond pursuing interests and working minimum wage jobs. This isn't what I want out of...
  12. Blue Bird K3

    Introduction: Hi, how can i help you?

    Hi Gents As a new forum member, I would like to introduce myself with the aim of finding out the following: - in which areas can I help you - in which areas can I get help About me: I am a mechanical engineer. I am 31 years old and live in Switzerland. Currently in a 100% employment...
  13. A

    Entering the Fast Lane

    My name is Chris, I’m 39 and married with 2 young kids. I spent my 20’s working a job and racking up debt. I discovered the “FIRE” movement in my late twenties and tried to save and invest my way to retirement for a few years until I lost my job… then I decided to take my savings and create a...
  14. tpatenaude

    Small introduction on myself

    Greetings everyone! My name is Thomas, I'm 21 years old (soon 22), I live in Canada, and I study Computer Science. Around this summer, I realized that I found time flew by too quickly, and wanted to make a change in my life, instead of just being sucked into a routine: It seems like when you're...
  15. Andres de León

    Are this my first steps in the fastlane?

    Hi everyone im Andrés de León, im 21 years old and I live in Mexico so sorry if my english isn’t very good. This is my first post in a forum so i don’t know exactly what to tell but lets give it a try. I have just read the Millionaire Fastlane and it was just what I needed to read in the...
  16. K

    Not sure I belong here...

    ... but hi anyway. I've known about this forum for years but finally decided to join and participate. I'm from Australia and have been running my textiles business solo for over 5 years. I'm also in a small town so it's quite isolating as I have no business partner to bounce questions off or...
  17. T

    Hello world :)

    This is my first post on any forum ever. I just wanted to say hi and introduce my self to all of you :) I have a degree in Electrical & Electronic engineering and I have a graduate job working for a large engineering firm in the UK. Yes, I am very much on the slow lane at the moment, but I am...
  18. rishj

    15 yo wanting to explore the fastlane journey!!

    Hey, I'm a 15 year old boy. Who wants to explore The Fastlane Journey. Currently I'm reading The Millionaire Fastane which motivated me to join this fourm and meet the fastlaners and gain a lot of knowledge from them. I'm currently making a side income of about $100+ a month from a self...
  19. A

    Read the Millionaire Fastlane book - Absolutely loved it!

    Hi Everyone. I am Ann from New Zealand. I have just read the Millionaire Fastlane and absolutely loved it! Now I am reading the Unscripted book. In all honesty, when I saw the cover of the actually really put me off as I thought 'Man, I don't want to read another 'scammy' book but...
  20. Nikkko

    A New kid in the neighborhood, a future Entrepreneur that will help the next generation.

    Hi, I am a 16-year-old male, coming from the Philippines! I have read mostly of Millionaire Fastlane, and I have learned a lot of things from it! In the past I was a random teen with a side Walker spending habit, always alone in the classroom due to my bizarre opinions on things that my...