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  1. Arch

    Intro | My Gilded Cage on the Sidewalk

    Hello everyone, I'm Ben, 35 yrs old and based in London. My father always taught me that if you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves. I now know this to be a solid Slowlane based saying, because growing up, money was always tight and basic needs like haircuts were always met...
  2. geronalb

    From Gaming Addict To My First Ever Entrepreneurial Success -- My Story So Far

    Greetings and salutations to you, my friend. Blessed be your day. Humor me, if only for a moment. It is my duty to make this tale worthwhile. While my story is yet to portray grandeur, no hero was born a legend. It is my mission to turn this around. And it is also my mission to share my...
  3. Shelley

    Hello there!

    Hello everyone. I am a Software Engineer and I joined the forum today. I came to know about MJ through a Youtube channel that recommended him. I finished listening to The Millionaire Fastlane a couple of days ago. Looking forward to talking to you all. I would be happy if @MJ DeMarco replied...
  4. TLH

    New to the forum...

    I'm new here and have read "The Millionaire Fastlane ". I've also read most of MJs other two books, but am still trying to wrap my head around his insights. I work full time and am getting a master's in management science part time. I have worked primarily for startups as a Go To Market...
  5. mirumiru

    I'm going to be eventually financially free! (20 yrs Female) Trying until I die!

    Hello to everyone. Nice to meet you. You can call me Miru. I want to present myself in this forum. I decided that I'm going to definitely post and compromise myself to be active in this forum while I can to at least say 'thank you' to those who provide value with their posts. I was writing...
  6. E

    Personal introduction

    Hi Fastlaners and Fastlaners-to-be! I joined this forum in the beginning of this year and wanted to do a proper introduction with all the details that I find relevant but then I kept postponing it. Probably because I was too ambitious. So I decided to follow one of my favorite mantras, "Keep it...

    My Journey

    I have worked as a Technical Cultural Mediator, A Private Tutor, I consider myself a self-taught Full-Stack Web Developer & Software Programmer. I have been teaching English language and Web Development and using the art of scientific thinking since 2015, integrating science and technology in...
  8. M

    Fighting the rat race

    Hello everyone Yes, i've already tiped on google "what products are profitables to sell online " My name is Max (from EU) and I am today in the rat race. Got raised with the trap mentality MJ de Marco explains so well in Unscripted (book that brought me here) where i needed to do the best...
  9. REV5028

    Hello Fastlaners

    Hello there. I'm Rhiannon (yes, just like the Fleetwood Mac song). I'm 31 and currently ~100 pages into The Millionaire Fastlane. In reading @MJ DeMarco 's eye-opening book, I've come to realize I have spent my life following the preachings of the Slowlane. I've been such a good pupil to the...
  10. Tau Ceti

    From construction laborer to senior software developer to entrepreneur.

    Foreword I am not very good at writing but I am trying to change that. This is just another step I am taking in this journey. I am a 35 year old male originally from Europe. For privacy reasons I'll keep some details vague but I'll try to answer as many questions as possible if there are any...
  11. Mastruix

    Abundant Info over the web, where do I start?

    Hello. My name is Hayder and I’m 16. I’m quite new to this fastlane, slow lane, business thing. I started by watching videos by Hamza and meditating, grat journaling, and of the such. It is going great so far; I’ve had a few hiccups but consistent so far. Then, I saw videos by Mark Tilbury, Gram...
  12. D

    Starting a consultant company and leaving corporate

    Hi all, I've been in corporate consulting (think big4) for quite a few years now, and I have gotten quite senior quite quickly. I've got an opportunity with some peers to start my own consultancy. Luckily I have a niche, with big money in it and a lack of it in the market I am in. I've got a...
  13. birthawakening

    endless entrepreneur, mom of 5, sick of the sidewalk

    Hi all! I'm eager to read more on these forums and start implementing some changes! I've been in biz for myself in various forms since 2009 as a freelancer. Even before that, I was crafting, flea-marketing, and selling on eBay to make ends meet as a young mom. I've lived in semi-rural Texas my...
  14. S

    My username should be Actionfaker1234 (How to turn things around?)

    Good evening all, I have consumed so much material on the subjects of success, business, entrepreneurship, and mindset over the past 8ish years that its sickening to think I have done almost nothing productive with it. I have used some of it to become a better overall human and leader in my...
  15. Neatt04

    My Introduction

    Hey My name is Sean Neatt, I'm from Nova Scotia Canada and I'm in the middle of reading the Millionaire fastlane. I'd like to say that I have no idea how this forum works so if this is too long sorry. I'm less then two weeks away from going off for my first year of a business degree hoping to...
  16. R

    Hey Everyone! 15 year old recently getting into the FastLane Rabbit Hole

    Heyo Everybody, My name is Rayan, I'm a 15 year old and after recently discovering the fastlane my eyes have recently opened to the fallacy that is trading time for money, I'm here to learn and grow as a person and I'm happy to see other people like me here! I can code, video edit, and all the...
  17. wealthmindset


    Hey everyone! I am a 17 year old high school student looking to surround myself with other like minded people and am very happy to have found this amazing forum. I currently live at home with my parents and have no bills to pay. I work a part time job making around 10 an hour (still haven't been...
  18. Andrew 1177

    An Aussie bureaucrat enters the Fastlane

    Hi all, just introducing myself here. I'm from Melbourne Australia, I Read the Millionaire Fastlane for the first time about 6 years ago when I started working. It opened my eyes and planted a seed but I let life happen to me and it never really germinated until earlier this year when I read the...
  19. A

    A broke Psychologist enters the Fastlane

    Hey there, I’m glad to be here and thank you @MJ DeMarco. Now my introduction: As the title may indicate, I studied psychology (in germany) and will get my therapist-license in the next year. There is a long and expensive education after the Master and I recognized, even if I like the...
  20. B

    First steps on my lifelong journey.

    Hello, I've been a lurker for a while on this forum so this is one of my first posts. I'm an entrepreneur whos starting my first business and beggining my first year of university next month. I have worked as a bartender and i'm soon launching my own vodka brand as I have noticed something...

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