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  1. KindleTheFlame.

    Need advice (ielts+study abroad) plz

    Hello there, I need advice regarding my ielts and studying abroad. For context: I live in pakistan. I just gave my F.S.C pre med exams a few months back. The results come out on the 23rd of september. I am looking forward to studying abroad as the opportunities here are limited but am lacking...
  2. kareemt

    Where am I supposed to live?

    I'm a 17 year-old Syrian refugee, I currently live in Saudi Arabia where I'm not a citizen and nor can be. Here in SA, I almost can do nothing because I'm not a citizen, I cannot own a home - I should rent, I cannot own a business - I should partner with a Saudi individual, even living here...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    Unhappy? Then pack your damn bags and move...

    I pulled this quote out from another thread on doing something that you wish you would have done sooner... If you haven’t yet considered it, I highly...
  4. ericaung

    Acquiring new passport, second citizenship

    Hello, Let's discuss how to acquire new passports, citizenship. I am from third world country and looking to migrate somewhere else. Which countries easiest to migrate and get citizenship by naturalization? Is there any posts related in Fastlane Insiders?
  5. Karigan

    20 years old student completely lost

    Hi, I’m Helene and I’m from Belgium. I’m 20 and I’ve been a college student for the past 3 years, studying engineering and architecture (a double diploma to get a “good job”… no comment). I’ve worked hard to get good grades, even making the best project of my year last December… but I’ve always...
  6. AfterWind

    Moving out of Romania or the "I don't know what to do" thread

    I've been slacking off a lot lately. A few months ago I decided that I shall move to the UK after I finish my studies, because, I thought, am only stagnating here. It all seemed well, I had all the reasons to go there for starting out as an entrepreneur: Better overall salary (people are less...