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identity shift

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  1. DMNinja

    Habits of the Unscripted

    What is an unscripted person made of? I've been thinking long and hard about mindset, naturally leading to questions about changing it to become in line with one's values. The answer clicked about 10 minutes prior to me posting this topic. In the book "Atomic Habits by James Clear" the process...
  2. Consolation

    Would a Laptop be a Way to Express your Identity?

    I have an idea came up after reading 13 ways of finding 'fastlane' ideas in Unscripted. (You may skim-read it.) #8: VALUE ARBITRAGE : the direct, straightforward approach to value creation, the mechanism behind value arbitrage is simply adding value. Example, a home investor purchases and...
  3. KeepGoin

    Mindset, feels like I'm still action faking?

    Over the past two weeks I've done some things to try to stop being a slowlane parasite. This includes spending about an hour a night reading, an hour working on my website for the service business I am starting, exercising every single day and cooking/no longer eating fast food. I have a...
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