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  1. E

    Just got laid off, have a family to take care of. Got maximum 120 days on hand. Got some advice?

    Hello everyone! This will be a little bit of a selfish discussion, I really hope you don't mind reading through and giving me some advice. I dont know how this forum works, assuming you ask a question by making a post. Please correct me if I am wrong! Brief intro, I am a 16 year old guy. I know...
  2. ConstantineKA

    Frustrated & Uncertain. Should I Quit or Persevere?

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm 34 and I'm an international trade agent/broker/intermediary/consultant. Been doing this business for over 2 years with my current partner. My partner and I are tight, bring skills which complement each other, and we're both committed to making our business successful...
  3. anonyXOL

    Yes but what if you don't have the peace of mind needed for business?

    Hey! I'm new to this forum, I came here after reading the millionaire fastlane. Ok, I know the principles of wealth. I know how I'm supposed to attract money by providing value for a lot of people (scale) or providing greater value to a few people. I know the principles of business but there's...
  4. G

    A list of what an entrepreneur ABSOLUTELY needs.

    So I am pursuing entrepreneurship. I'm looking to create a website of my own where I connect other business' together and will offer various products and things to sell. I haven't even created a business plan or even done the full blown execution of planning a business. I'm looking into the...
  5. Ashish Kulkarni

    How do I inspire my son to follow the fastlane?

    I am still new on the road to the fastlane. I am still on the sidewalk but now my eyes are open to my reality. My son is doing engineering. And I want to inspire him to follow the fastlane in his early 20s rather than getting to my age and realise that life could have been so much more. How do...