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  1. goognin

    What %% of B2B SaaS users are stuck on trial plans because they can't understand how to use the product?

    It looks like many B2B SaaS are too complex to understand from scratch for new users. Also, it's hard to allocate personal managers to all new clients if your LTV is less than $10-20k/year. Are there any numbers about the %% of B2B SaaS users stuck on trial plans because they can't understand...
  2. Primer

    2 months post launch...

    Hi everyone, My intro thread is here for anyone interested. Long story short I have been working every hour I can outside of my day job for the past 18 months or so building my SaaS. I launched at the beginning of July and had. a few signups (non paying) immediately and got excellent feedback...
  3. N

    Trying to be a smart-a$$ tech guy + free business tools

    Hey everyone, I'm Nik - this is my first post here. As it says in the title, I've decided to dip my toe in the pond of the tech world... We've developed a tool that allows business owners to analyse their customer behaviour - in particular to predict exactly which customers will leave their...
  4. John Clancy

    Unlimited Shopify Trial (up to 50 orders)

    Hi all, Quick post here. This could be useful if you're considering setting up a Shopify store, whether for dropshipping, traditional importing, or your own product. If you're anything like me, maybe you get a little too excited sometimes and jump the gun with the easy stuff (i.e. setting up...