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  1. Azrod

    Any advice for choosing between one of these two skills ?

    Hey my name is Rémi, Firstly, i want to say that its been approximately 6 months i am reading weekly the content posted here, and i am really grateful for, MJ Demarco, the forum and the people in it. The number of real business educational content you are providing is just mind-blowing compared...
  2. P

    Europe-Based Ecommerce business. Want to serve US clients. Help.

    Hey there! I was wondering if anyone here is doing ecommerce from Europe and has successfully served customers in the US? Here's a bit about my project: - I make decorative objects myself in France - They're about 5 x 5 x 20 cm in size - I can produce up to 10 a day at home, but can easily...
  3. Wendy-Russo

    Wendy Post #1 The Best Introduction That Ever Was

    Hello, i am Wendy, I am a 6'3 French girl with a very strong accent, and as all respectable French people i want to be Rich to inflate my huge ego, eat cheese and drink baguettes I am midway through Unscripted, and i read somewhere that i am supposed to finish both books before i post, but...
  4. Piallat Louis

    SMMA in France

    Hi I'm 16 years old and I'm French, I read the milionaire fast lane and I want to get into SMMA which is already quite famous in America. I'm trying to subject this business to the law of impact, of entry and it doesn't really fit. Could you give me some information please. Thank you
  5. Marius973

    Bonjours ! Hello, I'm from France

    Hello everyone I come from France I am very happy to join this forum, it will allow me to progress with people who have the same state of mind that we all, it's great thank you Merci
  6. Sébastien1977

    French graphic designer

    Hi, I’m French, live near lyon, graphic designer entrepreneur near 4 years.
  7. F

    33y.o. CIO of a 60M€/year firm, milking that corporate cow and wanting to create my side startup

    Hi, my name is Fedor, I live in Paris, France. I was born in Russia and we moved to France when I was 10. I have an engineering degree and am now working as a CIO for a french company. I mainly spend my working time advising the GM about business and digital strategy, while managing 8...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    The Millionaire Fastlane, French Edition

    The Millionaire Fastlane license for the FRENCH language was sold some time ago. Here is the website were to check availability: Éditions Trédaniel - Courrier du Livre Should be available soon. (Will update when more news comes....)...
  9. Aix-Geneve

    Bonjour, from the French Alps

    I'm an Aussie that's really bored with life in Oz and decided to follow a long held dream of migrating to France. I'm really excited to read as many posts as possible. I'm learning so much, but much of it is not SO new to me. I've cherished a fast lane type mentality for a while now, even before...
  10. T

    Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself.

    Hello everyone ! First of all, I'd like to thank TFLF staff for approving my account so fast. I'd like to begin my participation here by introducing myself :) I'm from Poland and 28 years old. I've read MJ's book The Millionnaire Fastlane and boy, was it quite an eye-opener for me ! I wish I...