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  1. Financial_Femme

    The Value of Accountants that Offer Business Coaching and Cash-Flow Forecasting

    I wanted to discuss the immense value accountants who offer business coaching and cash-flow forecasting can bring to our ventures. As small business owners, we are constantly navigating through the intricacies of managing finances, making informed decisions, and ensuring the long-term success of...
  2. mKLUNGU

    Is being an Entrepreneur a Torture, really?

    I awoke this morning bent on committing suicide, thinking of the strain, tension, and excruciating demands of my business, and - merely the idea of so much to do as regards my business legal troubles and unpaid dues - thinking of the pressure, stress, and also the painful expectations of my...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    CV19 Financial Survey: What has the last 2 months done to your financial situation?

    Just like to gauge the temperature of the room, what has the last 2 months done to your financial situation? Your income and/or net worth? My financial situation has not been impacted as I was one of the folks who actually had a financial benefit to the CV19 tragedy. If I speculate on the...
  4. D

    If time is money, am I doing the right thing?

    Achieved my goal of buying a house 5 years ahead of my goal a couple of years ago. Lost my prev business around the same time and didn't realise how huge the renovation was. I bought the house on the basis heating and electric were working, they weren't, that the structure was stable, it...
  5. Millenial_Kid5K1

    [HOW TO] NPV Tables For Making Decisions

    Hello all, I wanted to share one of my favorite tools for making financial decisions: Net present value (NPV) tables. What you can do with an NPV table: Compare two options where money is the only deciding factor, e.g.: Deciding what car to buy Deciding whether to buy a house or rent Deciding...
  6. Michael Greene

    What are some resources to learn about money /finance ?

    Yo guys, Do you guys have any recommendations of books (or anything else) where I can learn more about finances ? Basically I want to get a better understanding of the things MJ talks about a money system.
  7. F

    Mortgages... yea or nay?

    im not sure whether this is posted in the right section, please forgive me if not. I'm part way through scripted and one thing I remember reading earlier on in the book seemed to me that it was quite negative towards mortgages and deeming them part of the script (MJ preferring to own his home...
  8. Roli

    Cheapest Solution For Sending USD $$ From Europe/UK to China

    At the moment I am being charged a premium by my bank to send USD to China. This morning the advertised tourist rate was £1 = $1.29. My bank gave me $1.24 costing me over £50 on a relatively small transfer. Just wondering what my other UK and Euro fastlaners do in this situation? I'm with...
  9. sstone

    FREE: New Four-Part Training Series

    New Four-Part Training Series Reveals How To Use A “Hidden” Part Of Your Brain To Achieve Personal And Financial Success If you feel like you’ve been struggling to accomplish your personal or financial goals… then you’re going to want to check out what John Assaraf just released: John Assaraf...
  10. ejames

    2 Questions about revenue/evaluation

    Hi guys things have been a blur last couple months and things have been going waaaay too fast. Januarys gross was about 300k and this month so far we are at about 110k which leads me to two questions. 1. When should we get an evaluation ? Or should we even bother ? 2. Looking at our bank...
  11. Hassassin

    Young Fastlane Savers Club (Plant your fastlane seeds. NOW)

    I joined when I was 16. I'll be turning 21 in less then a month... It's been a long time and it's frikkin awesome to be back. Anyways, I'm not here to give you my life story. But to share progress, and more importantly, propose two questions to the fellow young bucks (under 25s) on the forum...