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  1. zeema n

    Data protection for EU (European) clients.

    Hi guys, nice to be here. This question is about some boring stuff, but I need to ask. I am working on a course to teach people about social networks. In in order to sell my course to people using my sales funnel I need their emails. Okay, here comes the boring stuff: I know that Europe has...
  2. VicFountain

    Plan on moving to a start-up favorable country

    I currently live in Italy and in the last months I figured out it's perhaps one of the worst countries to start a business due to the bureaucratic system and legal procedures. I'm at the first year of University but I plan on moving out from my country. In fact, I had to stop a project I...
  3. Travel Base

    Improvising and Adapting

    Hello, all! I’m a longtime lurker and reader. It has taken a worldwide pandemic to push me out of the woodwork, lol. Anyway, 30 something European gal with creative tendencies and entrepreneurial mindset. Not much of a talker, but I hope to be able to give something back to anybody who reads...
  4. ygtrhos

    Kitchen Appliances In Europe

    Hey everyone! After the failure in my Amazon venture, I have another chance in my hands and I would love any feedback. I know a guy around my area, who has a successful business. He is selling ready-made kitchen. I do not know how this kind of business is called in English, but he has 3-4...
  5. Niko

    European mind watching US gurus

    Hi everybody, I am a 45 year old office worker from centra Europe. I am impressed to see how some of you are either becoming millionaire or just reaching a level where they can be financially independent with revenues generated from their online businesses. I understand the English-speaking is...
  6. Sloba

    Hey guys, great to be here

    Hi, my name is Sloba. I’m 34 years old. I live in a small Eastern European country outside the EU. I work at a private faculty as a lecturer. I teach economic subjects (fiscal policy, financial auditing etc.). The market in my country is not very developed as we are a transitioning economy...
  7. TheKing

    Cold emailing is now ILLEGAL in Europe

    If you are currently using cold emails as a way to get customers, you might want to think again. As of the 25th of May 2018 you need to be compliant with the so called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), a new regulation passed by the EU last year that Makes it illegal to email...

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