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  1. JHZ

    OFF-TOPIC Favorite Websites

    Hello guys and gals What are your favorite websites/forums/blogs for education/entertainment/sports etc? I would love for everyone to post their recommendations, here are some of mine: The Fastlane Entrepreneur Forum - drrt James Clear - Blog of the author of "Atomic Habits" with several...
  2. stellarowl12

    Online book club for first-time / aspiring entrepreneurs

    Hey Fastlane folks! Like you guys, I'm an entrepreneur who loves reading books and using their lessons to improve my business or myself. I've read The Millionaire Fastlane and many other amazing books like 1 Page Marketing Plan, How To Win Friends And Influence People, Never Split The...
  3. NicholasCato

    Should I just goto Kickstarter?

    so long story short, after getting tired of the dead end gig to gig cycle I was trapped in as a freelancer last year, I decided to get a day job to help fund my first potential fastlane idea. The business idea is a educational app that will work like a monthly subscription service. It’s been 3...
  4. NicholasCato

    When and how should I create a minimum viable product?

    so to get straight to it, I have this idea for an educational product and after talking to someone with 8 years in the industry, I was told there’s definitely a place for my product. The thing is, I know even a minimum viable product could take thousands of dollars and at least a year in a half...
  5. Roger FS

    (Udemy) Outsourcing software development

    I listen to a wide variety of Udemy classes while working (usually at 1.25-1.5X speed), and am finding this one especially interesting on Running a Web Development business: Forewarning, there's also a lot of very...
  6. J

    Best Educational Pieces?

    Hi All, What you have found most helpful in an educational sense to prepare you for your fastlane journey? Currently devouring all the information I can, and would like some ideas on courses and books etc that you have found helpful to learn more about things like 'business, marketing...
  7. H

    Where to get the best CFD trading advice?

    I've noticed that a lot of brokers offer 'educational resources' on CFD and cryptocurrency trading. Are these resources any good? My broker has a few, and to be perfectly honest, I thought there would be more complex. I really like the layout of Jones Mutual's platform so that's why I use their...

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