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  1. AgainstAllOdds

    RANT PSA: Reading TMFL or Unscripted does not mean that you can be a lazy idiot!

    This thread is mostly directed at college kids here but also applies to others. Time and time again we see this process on this forum: Someone reads The Millionaire Fastlane or Unscripted Decide that they're "enlightened" Drop out of school so they can "leave the rat race" Do absolutely...
  2. F

    Every fastlane member needed here

    I read the millionaire fastlane over two years ago and I decided to write about the higher education myth 'cause I'm a college dropout. I recently self-published the book although it hasn't yet appeared on Amazon, but it's on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Scribd, and iBooks. The book needs reviews and...
  3. dougie

    INTRO Grinding away, Dropping out, and Overcoming Comfort

    Hello, everyone. I am 19 years old, in the SEO industry, a Linux geek, and have a large passion for programming. It all started in early 2014. I hated school and the path I was set on. Having to get on that prison bus every day and be forced to absorb subjects that did not inspire me was a...
  4. gostorm21

    FEATURED! I Dropped Out of College and Bought a Porsche. Here’s How.

    First, a word of reassurance: I didn’t do it by selling that headline or any other coaching bullshit (and never will, God willing), so no need to worry about any forthcoming offer to buy my "usually $1999, now just $79 Exclusive Training System”. I did it by screwing up to the point that the...
  5. Vegallan

    HOT TOPIC Should I Drop Out of High School?

    Whats up fastlaners, Recently I have been thinking of the decision on whether I should drop out of high school now and take the GED test (which is extremely easy), or to stick it out and try to get my teachers on my side. As far as high school goes, my grades at the moment are half F's and...
  6. G

    EXECUTION CBC News Report: Is a university degree a waste of money?

    Here is a recent news report where people are blaming job markets for the results in their life. View: Posting from my phone, apologize in advance for any errors.
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