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  1. Walter Hay

    World Trade Since Covid19

    Bad news is relished by the media, and it rubs off on businesses and consumers alike. Is the world economy dead on its feet? It depends on which news media or organizations you get your information from. Beaurocratic organizations such as WTO and the Worldbank still remain bearish on the subject...
  2. Lex DeVille

    O/T: HEALTH C0VlD-19 Templates to Deal with Arising Social Issues

    Yesterday my wife decided to self-quarantine. She works as a cost accountant for a large food manufacturer with high social expectations. Social pressure is an ongoing issue and people are afraid to speak out for fear of job loss. Unfortunately, the company has taken no action regarding the...
  3. Lex DeVille

    O/T: HEALTH (FREE) Singularity University Multi-Day COVID19 Virtual Summit [Starts in Minutes]

    Singularity University (FREE) Multi-Day COVID19 Virtual Summit (Starting in minutes from now) Reposted from the other big Coronavirus thread so it doesn't get lost in the mix. Some of you will probably be interested. That is the sign up...
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