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  1. Abhigyan

    What does it actually mean to change your mindset from a consumer to a producer?

    I kind of understand that it means seeing things with the perspective of a producer, but how do you implement it in real life? What are some habits I can do to have a producer mindset?
  2. TonyStark

    Payless Prank

    :rofl: This is funny View:
  3. A

    Hello my is Absy and I’m a consumer

    Step 1 in my red pill process: As Alcoholics Anonymous tell many of my patients - it is important to acknowledge that you have a problem. Mine? I’m a consumer and dreamer. I keep myself in great shape. This is as much to do with what I don’t do as much as what I do. Don’t : drink, smoke, drugs...
  4. J

    How many consumers do you think there are for every producer?

    As someone who aspires to be a producer and on the fastlane I couldn't help but notice there aren't that many people that actually produce. What do you think the ratio for every consumer is? 1 for every 10, 100? 1000?
  5. GoodluckChuck

    Looking through the eyes of the consumer

    For me, my question is related to writing a book intended to be a guide for consumers. That is why I posted it where I did. The fact is, this question applies to everything that is sold to consumers, so it applies to just about everyone here. What questions do you ask yourself to see through...

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