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college debt

  1. PapaGang

    Making sense of bullshit college tuition: I made a tool

    "I had no idea it was going to cost $200k for my kid to go to college. He knows what he wants to pursue, and even though this is an insane amount of money, I feel like if we don't get loans we'll be cheating him out of his best chance for success. But this seems like so much. How can I know if...
  2. N

    I don’t want to be stuck in the Slowlane like everyone else…

    Hi everyone, my name is Noah and I’m a freshman at a university. I’m new to this forum so bear with me if I don’t quite understand how this all works. But I’m sort of in a predicament: My dream is to be a successful entrepreneur and provide a great life for my family. I’m attending a...
  3. Crafty

    The Rat Race - Chased the Cheese Right into the Trap

    After five years and 130k dollars, I made an investment that transformed my life—the Tom Brady of investments. I never would've thought $8.50 would have had such an impact. The Millionaire Fast Lane (which led me to Unscripted and then The Great Rat Race Escape) has changed my entire outlook on...
  4. Koen_88

    Advice on Student Loan? what to do

    Hi everyone, Here we go, not this again you might think, but it's not a drastic situation but more a question of how can I resolve my debt with a well considered financial decision. I have a similar question as "arfadugus" in the thead below but i didnt want to hijack it. You tell me what to...