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  1. szalek

    Is a Hustlers University scam?

    Hustlers University is an Andrew Tate programme that costs around $50 per month. In HU every student can learn about e-commerce, copywriting, stocks, freelancing, crypto, AI and many more. I wonder if this is a good source of biezes knowledge. Do you think about it? Have any of you...
  2. Mxrko27

    Starting a business

    Hi there! Im Marko 15 years old and i recently hoped on self-improvement. So on, I was doing pretty good but when it comes to the topic "finanial future" I had a lot of question marks in front of me. Particularly at buildung my own business. I just dont know where to start, I have read the TMF...
  3. A


    I'm Ayobami Emmanuel.i live in Nigeria.An aspiring fast lane entrepreneur.i'm Happy to be here
  4. Farrel Hakim

    Late 18, Painfully stressed and confused. Help?

    Hello everyone, My name is Farrel Hakim and I've joined around the time I was 16 (so about two years ago). I came across this forum and MJ Demarco's Unscripted because I wanted money and I didn't want to be a slowlaner. During the past two years I've changed a lot, still confused, but I've...
  5. 9to5NoMore

    My name is Victor and I'm a 9 to 5 wage slave...for now

    Hi everyone! I'm Victor, a low-income ($13.15/hr) proofreader working for the classifieds section of a small company that does outsourced work for major news publications like the New York Times, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, among many others. My fellow coworkers and I are overworked...
  6. J

    Idea Brainstorming Session

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I have enjoyed the very interesting posts here. I currently run a small but successful landscaping company and have been so for 10 years. Over the past year I have been thinking of changing my business from a service based business to a product based...
  7. paul.waker

    The hardest way to become entrepreneur for now

    I made the only intro on this forum but it doesn`t matter. Much of fastlaners said that it is too easy to make business on Amazon, to create websites and other stuff like this. Could you say what is the hardest way to make business, where much people have no experience, have not special...
  8. J

    First ever AMP-Ready Magento Themes on the market! Pioneers in the Industry!

    The Internet has become extremely popular amongst not only regular users but also business owners. And today, it’s extremely important for any business to have a decent website. And one crucial part of building a good site is mobile optimization. If your page simply takes too long to load (more...