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blog income

  1. D

    Anyone running a somewhat established/successful blog: What is your blogs main source of income(s)?

    Hello. To elaborate on my question... I used to blog A LOT a long time ago with a few thousand article views per day in the end, it was solely for fun and didn't care about the amount of money I was taking in, it was a mental health blog. I dabbled with affiliate marketing a little bit by...
  2. H

    Questions on starting a Business Blog

    So as I begin executing my business, I've decided that I want to document/build an audience on Youtube and Instagram, but also on a blog. I've never started a blog that wasn't through a social media site so I had a couple of questions I was hoping some of you might know the answer to: 1. The...
  3. Robin Andrews

    Is my blog ready to monetize?

    I've been blogging about learning programming and Computer Science for about 18 months now and have clocked up about 110 posts. My daily traffic is around 200 users from organic search. My question is - is it worth trying to monetize my blog at this stage? If so, what would be a great place...
  4. C

    Is this worth my time?

    Hi all, Newcomer here so not sure if this is the right place to post but would appreciate any advice. I own a magic trick blog and have been running it for about a year very passively. In that time it’s built up to around 100 views a day and 30 email subscribers with not many posts. I have...
  5. Jon Anthony

    Everything I Learned From Blogging $0 to $15k/month

    EDIT: Follow my journey thread here: EXECUTION - [Progress Thread] The Blogger's Lifestyle Journey What's up, guys. I just introduced myself about an hour ago, and figured I'd start right off by adding a ton of value upfront. My name's Jon. I've been blogging and running a self-development...
  6. Jon Anthony

    Blogger Making $7-10k/month

    What's up, guys. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I skimmed through these forums for a week or so before making an account. I saw the value you were adding and just had to join. So, let me tell you a few things about myself: Been blogging for 3 years Taken up various gigs on...
  7. A. Rodriguez

    Online Business Ideas For Newbies

    Everyone successful person started from somewhere. There are a lot of young entrepreneurs around the forum who are willing to do what it takes to succeed in their entrepreneurial pursuits. I'm one of them and it is a privilege to have known about the fastlane as a teenager. Heading straight to...