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  1. A

    Heyo I'm a libertarian, anarcho-capitalist, existentialist artist and I'm here to figure out how to monetize my interests. (not a political post)

    I'm only mentioning my political and philosophical position because they are relevant to my business model and I'm looking for like-minded people. I'm here after reading unscripted: life liberty and pursuit of entrepreneurship after many recommendations from youtubers (hamza mostly) I decided to...
  2. KJFast

    Art as a fastlane business?

    Hey guys, if you knew someone who was a REALLY good and I mean 10/10 artist who could paint things that you see elsewhere selling for £2000-£4000 a piece or even more. What do people think of art as a way to make fastlane income? I know making the art itself breaks the commandment of time but...
  3. Matej Cvetkovski

    15 Year old wanna-be entrepreneur.

    Hello, as of writing this I am a 15 year old and wish to get started with entrepreneurship. I have a handful of skills including: painting, drawing, writing, web design, game dev and a little bit of work with AI. Basically, art, design and programming seem to work with me. Since I've started...
  4. raywhite

    Hello! Nice to meet you (designer/artist/money enthusiast)

    Hi, I’m an art director and graphic designer living in Nashville, TN. I have already learned so much from the Millionaire Fastlane (I’m halfway through) that I figured I should join the forum. Just curious, are there any fellow designers or artists out there? Would love to hear what you’re...
  5. P

    Struggling introverted art photographer looking to start making money.

    Hi Fastlane Forum, I'm an art photographer: I create photographs to sell through galleries as artwork and I also photograph artwork in high-resolution so that artists can make high-quality prints of their paintings. I've allowed myself to struggle for the past four years, misplacing my time...
  6. D

    One Or Multiple Product Type?

    hello, as I’m working out my master plan for my niche canvas art Shopify Store...I ran into a problem... Do I sell one type of product ? (just canvas art) Or do i sell other type of products my audience would like as well ? (IE statues, and other home decor) example of a one product type...
  7. Lizzy

    Maybe a stupid question, where to sell my art?

    Hi! I am new to this forum and I dont know where to post a question regarding my hobby. I like to paint in watercolor and I wonder what is the best way to sell my original watercolor art not prints. I was thinking about Etsy but I am not sure to create a webshop. Ebay is something to consider...
  8. captainwes

    Newbie-ish, Fastlane (x2), Starting Unscripted, Wife has a side biz.

    Hello All, This is only the second forum I've utilized beside some odd Reddit threads. I don't recall how I found Fastlane by @MJ DeMarco, but I think I read a nice blunt blurb on the interwebs and said, "Well, this dude just got my money - I'm buying that book". That was a year ago. The only...
  9. Nikorasu

    Is a graphic novel / self-publishing fastlane?

    I’ve been struggling with this since i started internalizing the concepts presented in MDF. Simply put, I’m an artist and I’ve been “working” on a graphic novel for the last year and a half. Most of that time was spent fantasizing about how awesome it’s going to be instead of putting it out...
  10. GoGetter24

    A reminder that skills make the man, not tools

    This guy makes awesome art with mspaint. M. S. Paint. Something to remember before downloading your next "productivity app".
  11. jdcorwin

    Am I in the right business? Perspective from an Artist

    I recently finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane and it confirmed prior thoughts I had toward my business. First of all, The Millionaire Fastlane is an incredible book! I have read dozens of other financial/self-help book and they come no where near the content delivered in The Millionaire...
  12. Leo Hartas

    I'm doing it!

    Hello Everyone, Nearly finished Unscripted. ok, I haven't read Fastlane yet, but it's next! I'm a middle-aged freelance illustrator from the UK and have lived a half-way unscripted life doing what I love. The only thing is that despite many attempts I've never managed to escape my clients...
  13. Juhan Rodrik

    Hello Everyone ! :)

    I am Juhan Rodrik - I have not used a forum before so I figured that would good one to start :) Introducing my self I am the worst possible person for a dayjob I do not get along with the concept of it so I am doing and figuring out odd jobs here there. I am interested in many things too I...
  14. ProcessionOfEye

    Starving artist tired of starving

    Hi, As the title suggests, I've been doing art for a long time. Illustration, graphic design, product design, painting, and so on. I've had other careers, but art has always stuck with me in some form, even as something to fall back on. I'm a very private person as I have a serious case of...