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animated video

  1. Blake_Writes

    EXECUTION Porking with Purpose (Dad Blog) PROGRESS THREAD

    Hey friends! I would LOVE some feedback/ideas and who knows, maybe some collaboration! Site: The About page is a great place to start. Goal - Create a meaningful place for Dads and Men to find the info and tools they need to live better lives. Ultimate Goal - Sell...
  2. IlyaP

    MARKETPLACE Skyrocketed Your Blog or Podcast With Animated Video- Done For You

    If you own a blog or a podcast then you know the process behind trying to make it successful... The long nights spent painstakingly crafting every single word of you article. Debating whether your audience will understand your message. Hovering your mouse over the publish button, wondering if...
  3. AdamMaxum

    Animated Video Options

    Thinking about creating (buying) a couple animated videos to intro people to a new business when they land on my website.. explain how it works in a minute or two, that kind of thing. The videos that look like this.. Has anyone purchased these before? What was your experience? Are they...
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