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  1. G

    Safe passive income

    Hello guys, I'm a trader and already save 20k, I'm looking for a business to have a consistent income. In trading the things are not linear and I'm gonna have some red months but I'm looking for an idea to have that permanent income to stay more relax. I've been thinking on starting with vending...
  2. Antifragile

    New York's new law on AirBnBs...

    CHAT AIRBNB Starting September 5, New York City began enforcing restrictions on short-term rentals that could push visitors away from booking platforms such as Airbnb and into the arms of...
  3. ChrisGav

    Made my first 100k per month at 23 years old, now what?

    HELP. This is nuts guys. I am making more money than I know what to do with and I need some big time help from you experienced guys. I don't even say any of this to brag. I say all of this because everything is moving so quickly, and I have never experienced anything like it. This is LITERALLY a...
  4. Samy Bazizi

    Foreign Investment in Real Estate

    What would you if you had 100k, and would like to do a foreign real estate investment? I'd like to own a vacation rental and am looking at what countries would offer the best opportunities in term of ROI and growth. What do you think? Or should I just invest locally? (I live in Canada)
  5. M

    Who is successful with out of state vacation rentals?

    Targeting retirement in 10 years. I have cash set aside to invest into a couple rentals in SW Florida. While I've owned local rentals, I have not owned vacation style rentals to pay off. I'm targeting condos for short term rentals in vacation areas. But will consider annual rentals as well...
  6. YoungPadawan

    Cool Tech for AirBNB Owners

    So let's say that you own an AirBNB out in the middle of nowhere - like next to a lake or other tourist attraction. You want to keep expenses to a minimum and don't want to have pay for ongoing expensive cable or internet services, yet you want to provide periodic internet services (only when...
  7. B

    My Golden Airbnb Calendar Strategy

    Hello, I going to describe a strategy that I implemented in the calendar for managing my Airbnb apartments some months ago that totally made a difference for my financial comfort and returns. Before that, just a quick intro, I live in Brazil and I am deeply grateful to MJ and all the concepts...
  8. brief

    Sideproject: 1 backyard - 2 weekends - 5 figure income

    Hi, just wanted to share a short story with you guys. Last summer I wanted to make some side money from renting camping places in my garden. I had absolutely no idea if people would be interested. So anyways, I started listing my garden to see if anything would happen. For months nothing...
  9. D

    Do Short Term Rentals have the risk of being a commodity?

    Does the barrier to entry for real estate make short term rentals (Airbnb, Vrbo) immune to commodization? In ecommerce world if you sell the same stuff as everyone, you can bet your inventory won't move or sell at significant loss. Anyone with experience with STRs find it difficult to rent...
  10. JAWS

    Multifamily Returns - MTM Leasing vs. Airbnb ?

    How do returns compare for a yearly lease vs. Airbnb business? I have a 3 flat in Chicago and want to get the most "bang for my buck." I came across this... Airbnb Rental Profit: $16,632 Airbnb 2-Bed Rental Data (June 2016 - May 2017) Fulll-time 2-Bed Rentals: 556 Occupancy Rate: 63.5%...
  11. samsig03

    Peer To Peer Marketplace Help

    Hello Fastlane Forum, I have officially launched my peer to peer marketplace for renting. The airBnB of (Insert product). I have been busting my butt on building the community and so far everything is going ok. I wanted to check in and say hey and also see if anyone has experience building a...
  12. biophase

    SUCCESS STORY: Biophase (eCommerce, Real estate)

    My story is not as intricate or exciting as the other ones on here and I'm nowhere near the $1M range yet. But, after reading the other ones I felt compelled to write mine. It's actually pretty boring and normal and it's not the fastlane or slowlane. I'd call it driving in regular traffic and...