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  1. SimonD01

    Scaling a not-so business at 19 years old

    Hey what's going on y'all? Going to cut straight to the chase. My dad *runs* a construction "business", but it's really just a job. He's been in this industry for the past 30+ years so his experience is pretty extensive to say the least. Something that has completely caught me off guard is the...
  2. B

    I want to build a website but don’t know where to start!

    I am a young, ambitious South African and I have a online business idea but don’t know any coding or design skills but it’s not a regular website. It involves stock graphs, financial data and market tools (Related to the South African stock market) . Most websites and videos I’ve viewed do not...
  3. Harsha_14

    Is it too late for SMMA......

    I'm very much interested to build an SMMA. is it too late for SMMA? I want to list my agency as an LLC. Is that a good idea? Is ghl good choice for me working from india. How can i get trust from foreign local businesses? i want to scale my business to 10k/month. any suggestions while starting...
  4. AlanP


    Hey! My name is Alan, I'm 16 years old and live in CT. I've recently dove straight into self-improvement and entrepreneurship, reading tons of books and brainstorming some ideas for a potential business. If any successful entrepreneurs have any advice for me please share!
  5. S

    The Beginning Of My Journey

    Hi all, I've recently finished reading the Millionaire Fastlane book and thought I'd come here to introduce myself and connect with like-minded people. I'm based in London (UK), and I've recently graduated from University studying Computer Science. I'm a normal guy, nothing special, but I yearn...
  6. A Z

    I'm AZ - Married With Kids, Looking to Escape The Golden Handcuffs!

    Hello All! I've read unscripted and now I'm going to be rich in 1 year! Just watch! Just kidding. You can unroll your eyes now. Just wanted to enter with a little joke. I wanted to introduce myself and get some advice(is that allowed on the intro threads? if not just direct me to the correct...
  7. millerad

    Do I show my wireframe to prospective users?

    I am working on developing an App, we are still a few months out. Is it a good idea to show users the wireframe that we showed to the developers. On one hand, this could help users see the features of the App; on the other it could harm our future image. What do you think?