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  1. WellWallet

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it last year... Probably time for a re-read! Thanks @MJ DeMarco for writing this book as a letter to your younger self... and everyone else that comes behind you!
  2. WellWallet

    FEATURED! Introducing... WEALTH EXPO$ED, A Short Story By MJ DeMarco

    Thank you for sharing this! Just started my Kindle Unlimited membership. Will also leave a review. I'm left with that image of the Clooney-wannabe out in the rain... Not this time, man! I will not be a slave to time!!!
  3. WellWallet

    INTRO Hi fellow Fastlaners!

    So the minute after I read your post... I started looking for specific remote jobs. I have email alerts come directly to my inbox, but it seems like this type of complete transition might take a more measured and strategic approach (i.e. identifying specific skills that will transition into...
  4. WellWallet

    INTRO Hi fellow Fastlaners!

    Hey there and welcome! I really relate to your story - especially about how you transitioned to working from home and are house hacking/storage solution-ing your way to the Fastlane. I am working hard to head in that direction as well! Look forward to hearing about your next move!
  5. WellWallet

    INTRO Getting started at age 50+!

    Thank you so much for posting!!! So glad you're here!!! I feel like I'm "past it" at 36... but yes, sometimes you just need some time to grow into yourself. Never too late to put on your blinker and shift to the fast lane! I just checked out your website: Joyful Life Mastery: A Law of...
  6. WellWallet

    HOT TOPIC How I hacked my dopamine to train and reward desired work behaviors and halt procrastination

    Really great writing and break down, Beckit! Totally apparent that your writing is worth GOLD lady!!!!
  7. WellWallet

    Creating the Value Array for my Type of Customer

    Ooooh, this is super interesting! Thanks for posting. I'm working on building an educational brand and this gives me really great food for thought/direction. What industry are you working in? xWBW
  8. WellWallet

    MEETUPS Accountability/Mastermind group (virtual)

    Hey hey - if you're still open for additional members, I'm interested! I'm working toward building a brand with my yt channel (<2000 subscribers) and website. Also have an ebay biz that's the only thing generating income right now. Prepared for @davidpn 's interrogation!
  9. WellWallet

    SELL ME SAT Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Business, More! (July W2)

    Love this idea! I have a youtube channel where I post videos on Mindset, Motivation, and Making or Saving Money. Here's a link to the latest video: "7 Rules You Must Follow to Make Money as an Entrepreneur" View: Features a plug for Millionaire Fastlane! :)...
  10. WellWallet

    EXECUTION Rejoined the forum after months...began my process

    Good work and good plan! Keep at it, man!!!
  11. WellWallet

    HOT TOPIC Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    Today was that day for me - - I ended up with a 90 minute walk outside at 1 in the morning (wearing a reflective vest of course!) to get in my workouts for the day. In it to win it!!!
  12. WellWallet

    NOTABLE! One of my youtube videos is currently going viral, the "scale" effect is powerful indeed.

    Incredible! Really well done. Here's hoping you can capitalize on this moment ... and see many more of them to come! Stories like this give me hope. I've had a personal finance youtube channel since about 2015 as well. Have been doing it on and off, but only buckled down since last...
  13. WellWallet

    I Wrote an E-book That’s Now Paying My Car Payments

    This is amazing and inspirational! Definitely my plan as well. What niche are you in? Feel like sharing your website? xWW
  14. WellWallet

    HOT TOPIC Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    HA! Yes to everything you said... (except to the feverish kiddo... no fun and hope they're feelin better.) Tribe for sure. Spiritual momentum as well. I listen to Andy on my way to work and feel like he's yelling me into a better life. Day 5 in the books for me! xWW
  15. WellWallet

    HOT TOPIC Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    Well done you, for sticking to the program even when traveling! Beach training is the best. :D Woke up at 4:45AM and got my butt outside for a 45 min bike ride. Feelin pretty darn accomplished for this first day of July!!! Here's to a great month everyone!!

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