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    Chronic Illness Limits Me To 25 Hrs/Week... Possible To Succeed Fastlane despite?

    'ya just hustle your face off you'll be fine!' obviously don't listen to comments like these rah rah regurgitation is bad in general, but around health stuff... :wideyed: holy crap :clap:: - Rob, I'm really sorry to hear about your health stuff man. I've had my own health troubles, as...
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    37 minutes until I board my plane, and then THIS happened

    Very appreciative of your comments. Really nice to read. Thanks so much for reading and the kind words.
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    EXECUTION I wrote and published an ebook - part 2

    When you look back on your life in 5 or 10 years, will you look to this and say: A. "I'm super proud of that I'm so glad I did it" or B. "Ahh f*ck I can't believe I spent my time doing that when I could have been doing (insert what you actually want to do) I understand that you believe you...
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    What is the #1 must read book to breakthrough in Time Management?

    Some of the greatest advice I can give you on this subject: Stop doing almost everything. If you're not great at something and/or you don't like it a lot, you shouldn't be doing it. - I know that's harder if first starting out, but it's a much easier path than what most people end up doing...
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    Listening to ANY crazy advice

    This is epic on so many levels. Secret: most people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s are still 'searching for their purpose'. And many spend years or decades, not months. Or they've stopped searching because that's not exactly the point. Your purpose will change as you evolve and things evolve...
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    HOT! Biophase & Snowbank get pitched MLM in Barnes & Noble

    Having this encounter with the MLM kid sparked some thoughts, so posted them here: 37 minutes until I board my plane, and then THIS happened
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    HOT! Biophase & Snowbank get pitched MLM in Barnes & Noble

    @GSF Really appreciate you man, thanks for saying that.
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    37 minutes until I board my plane, and then THIS happened

    (part 2 of 2) The beautiful thing about business is if you just keep focusing on how you can best help people and add value to their lives, you will figure it out at some point. Getting distracted by the ‘lights’ often brings people away from that goal, and they focus on 99 cent ebooks and...
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    37 minutes until I board my plane, and then THIS happened

    (1 of 2 due to size... continued in next post) - (2+ days ago…) I find myself at the airport, waiting to head back home. I’ve been in Arizona for the last few days visiting @biophase Nothing too crazy, just hanging out with some MLMers and such(link). I started thinking about the...
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    MARKETPLACE The ForeverJobless Incubator opens for a 2017 class

    For those of you on the forums who don't know me, I'm Billy- I run the ForeverJobless blog and podcast. For the last two years I've run a group called the Incubator, where I help people start profitable businesses. I hadn't planned to do another one, but I really enjoy it and have the time...
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    MARKETPLACE ForeverJobless is Hiring! Content Marketer, Project Manager, and more!

    I've got a couple emails on this... It's best to just submit an application(I won't be reviewing emails on this). I'll be reviewing and reaching out to top applicants on or before Wednesday morning. Also offering $1,000 referral bonus if you know someone who's the perfect candidate(applies to...
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    Implementing fastlane ideas to an old school industry

    Pretend there is a competitor, and their goal is to run you out of business. How would they do it? Do that.
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    MARKETPLACE Looking for copywriting referrals

    for sure email me samples of your copy, your rates, etc and i'll forward to my brother. if he's interested he'll reach out
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